About Me, and Why I Started a Blog

The author, Helene, creator of AngelSpartaness Lifestyle

Why am I doing this?

First off, let me personally thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog. I want this blog to be open to the public and enjoyed by all. I started this blog as a way to get my face out there, if I’m being completely honest. And it just seemed like the right thing to do.

See, I love writing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed writing all sorts of things—school papers, stories at home, etc.—and I’m actually pretty good at it! Anyone who knows me can vouch for that.

My biggest dream is to finish writing my series of YA fiction/fantasy novels and publish them to massive, international success. It may seem ridiculous to some, but as long as I have the drive and as long as YA novels stay in fashion, I think I have a pretty good shot.

How did I go from wanting to write mega-popular fiction to starting a blog? I think it’s a pretty linear timeline with a few stops along the way.

I have many interests, as my bio will tell you. I consider myself to be a typical millennial with a unique twist. If you ask people who knew me in high school and my early 20s, they’ll probably tell you I was weird. And I certainly am, I don’t care! I like everything from pop culture, beauty, fashion, fitness, as well as things like video games and anime. I’m kind of a nerd, and I tend to obsess over things, but I’ve come to terms with that over the years. I’m sure I’ll write on that plenty.

So you see, I combined my love of writing with my love of all things—everything, and developed the idea to publish a blog. It allows me to stay in the mind frame of writing passionately, as well as giving me a platform to write about things that aren’t necessarily fantasy/fiction, because working on a series of novels is taxing and definitely not the only way I wish to stretch my writing muscles. That’s just me.

I’ll also include personal stories and musings, and those may or may not be more interesting to you than my review of my favorite video game, or talking about this weird beauty product I tried. Feel free to skip and skim around, I’m sure you’ll eventually land on something that interests you.

This won’t be all lighthearted, however, despite the general feeling and vibe you got from the first part of this introductory post.

I’m someone who has struggled through adversity in life, in all shapes and sizes. How I’ve dealt with those—or not dealt with them at all—vary greatly. Body issues, trauma, dysfunctional family, mental disorders, alcohol abuse, I’m familiar with all of these and more. I’m usually a very private, reserved person, and that probably won’t change much. But it has left a lot of room for me to wonder what it’d be like to share some of my most emotional and critical thoughts with people…anyone, strangers. If anything it’ll be a great exercise that hopefully pushes me to dig a little deeper and push boundaries. That sounds pretty fun to me!

I hope you’re still here and I haven’t scared you off, yet. You’re either pretty brave or bored as hell. I fluctuate constantly between the two, so I totally understand.

When doing my research before attempting to launch this blog, I drew inspiration from many sources. Discovery stories on snapchat, people I follow on Instagram, and of course, other blogs, gave me ideas on what I should write about and how I should go about presenting my finished works. I cast a wide net of inquiry and reaped a plethora of information. One of the key phrases I kept running into was, “Find a central theme”, or some variation thereof. I must say, trying to nail down one specific theme or topic to write on would be too difficult for me. Even narrowing it down to only a few would be quite hard. It’s not that I think I’m smarter, better, more interesting, or more multi-faceted than the average bloggers, nor does it mean that I think sticking to a single or handful of topics is bad or worse in any way. I just don’t think that I could personally do it, and attempting to do so would frustrate me so badly, and the failure would be so epic, that it wouldn’t take very long for this venture to crash and burn.

I don’t want that. It’d be an astronomical waste of time, a let-down, and a hit to the heart.

That was more dramatic than intended.

I guess my point is, and to round this out (finally), you can rest assured that, at its heart, this well-intentioned blog is going to be essentially lifestyle-oriented. I don’t think I’m perfect, but pretending to be has done great things for my confidence and motivation. I’ll tell you all about it in this blog.


Some Things About Me

My name is Helene, and it is very nice to meet you. I’m pretty flattered that anyone would want to read anything about me, which is my hope and why I’m even bothering to talk about myself to strangers.

When I started this blog and wrote this very sentence, I was 22 years old. I had already been through a lot in life, and am prepared to go through even more. I wasn’t always the most confident or well-behaved person. But I always held tight to the thought that I was a good person, and always tried not to hurt other people. It didn’t always work. Thinking that I’m ugly, unpopular, worthless, and weird almost all of my life is a constant uphill battle, one that I’m unsure I’ll ever win. I’ve taken a lot of steps to improve myself, my life, and my own opinion of myself. I’d love to share some of the most successful methods with people who may feel the same way as me.

And even if you’re not looking for anything half as serious, I’ll write some of that, too. I’m totally into beauty, skin care, fashion, hair, makeup, and pop culture. It’s a stark juxtaposition from the other part of me, which likes staying in a dark room playing video games and not talking to anyone for a week (I’ve never done that, though…more than twice). I have many layers, like an onion.

Even if I just get a new necklace from some obscure place that I love and that I want to share, or if I somehow miraculously curate my own successful recipe for vegan muffins (still working on it), I’ll be sure to share my experiences.

Be sure to like, comment, and share if you like the contents, I promise I don’t mind! Even if the caption/comment is critical, scathing, or downright mean (within reason, of course). Any feedback is interesting to me; otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this!

Thanks again for visiting me and reading this. I hope you’ll keep checking back to read the new stuff!


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