The Sun Comes Out in the Evening

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Honest Inspiration in Unexpected Times 

When your eyes flutter open, breaking a peaceful sleep, and you can see coming through the slats in the blinds over the windows the grey and dull light of morning, do not fret. No day is promised, and that you woke up safe and sound in your own comfortable bed is reason enough to wake in a good mood—at least, this is how it works in a perfect world.

You may live in an apartment that doesn’t allow for much natural light. There are windows, sure, but the partially below-ground set-up does nothing to let in the truest sunlight. On overcast and grey days, like this one, like so many before it, the darkness seems suffocating and ever-present.

What time is it, even? A quick glance at your phone, charging beside your bed, tells you that it is 8:30 in the morning. Perhaps later than you would have liked. Was it the dull sky that signaled to your body that it was not yet time to wake, thus allowing you to sleep in? Is that a blessing, or a curse? How many days in a row will it happen?






Shuffling to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, you wonder if it’s cold outside, or rainy. It’s nearly impossible to tell without actually stepping outside. While fresh air can be quite pleasant and rejuvenating first thing in the morning, if it is cold or wet, it can—literally as well as figuratively—put a damper on your mood. You may decide to skip going outside. That may include skipping a workout, but you tell yourself that no one likes to exercise when the weather is cruddy.

As you take your first sip of your first (and definitely not your last) cup of coffee, a realization hits you. It is spring. We are knee-deep in to spring, pretty much closer to summer than we are to winter at this point. Why does it seem that the spring weather is taking so long to catch up? There have been a few sunny days, a handful of warm days, a smattering of gorgeous days. But they have fooled us all, and went away, leaving behind nothing but clouds and rain and storms.

Not that there’s anything wrong with storms. You may be part of the large group of people who actually quite enjoys storms. Summer storms are some of the most dangerous, ominous, and beautiful pleasures you’ve ever enjoyed. If you have a porch, balcony, or patio, you may have even reclined in a chair, relaxed in the warm humidity, relished in the delights and slight terror of the boom of thunder and the crack of lightning, breathed deeply in the intoxicating scent of summer rain.

Spring rain can be different. Some spring rains are just as enjoyable; real blessings in what can be a varied, uncertain, and meek time for weather. It is when you have to endure the days and days and weeks and weeks of chilly, dreary, energy-sucking spring weather that your mood starts to dip and your motivation tends to take a dive. Isn’t that right?

You think you would’ve learned to deal with it and work around it by now. Surely you can’t live your life only choosing to excel and progress and work on days where the weather is favorable? Especially not when you live in the northern Midwest. Favorable weather is less frequent here, and springs and summers are unfairly, brutally short. Winter approaches with a swiftness that makes you consider spending your life savings and ditching everything you own for a plane ticket to the nearest tropical location. That would be something, wouldn’t it?






Waiting for spring and summer is like waiting for Friday, waiting for the weekend, waiting for your birthday, waiting for next year. Life is too short for waiting, especially if what you’re waiting for is happiness, motivation, or inspiration. You have to create that shit yourself. Excuse my language, but that’s just how important that statement is, and I need to get it across to you: You have to create that shit yourself.

Or at least try to. Or else it won’t come to you, at all. And as you refill your coffee cup, you may realize that particular sentiment sounds horribly, almost ironically cliché. You don’t pride yourself in repeating overused phrases such as that. But in some situations, like this one, you simply can’t help it. Perhaps that is why they are so commonplace and overused. They ring true with everyone, or, they just ring true.

A funny thing has been happening for days and weeks. You can’t keep track, you’re surprised that a sunny pic you posted to Instagram what seems like only yesterday was actually uploaded about 6 weeks ago. Where did the time go? How much writing could I have gotten done in that time? How much weight could I have lost? And how much did I? Never mind questions like that. Tomorrow is history, or so they say… And there goes another tired cliché. And an unintended rhyme. Wow, what is happening?

Back to the funny occurence. Is it nature, magic, fate, or just chance? As the day slips by, the hours tick away, and the as-of-yet unseen sun dips away to the west, sinking in to the horizon, you realize that it is spring. Well into spring, with Daylight Savings Time long past. Time seems to work differently as the year goes on. Suddenly there are more hours of daylight. Enough, one could hope, to get things done during the day. Perhaps even get enough done to feel satisfied with your progress, to feel productive, to feel useful in any capacity.



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Just when you think that the day is dreary and dull and done, just when you think your energy is sapped and you can try it again tomorrow—the sun appears. The day that was just an hour ago overcast and chilly is now warm and sunny and happy. You look at the clock. 5:30p. That’s when a lot of people are wrapping up their days and heading home. How lucky for them that their evening gets to be illuminated in wonderful sunlight. How lucky for you that its rays shine through the (trendy) sheer, light grey curtain hanging from the window closest to your desk.

Everything seems brighter, and lighter, and suddenly your worries about not getting enough work done, about having no motivation, about the sun never showing its face again, they disappear.

There are many more beautiful days to come, and more sunlight to brighten your days and warm your skin than you could ever possibly imagine or appreciate.Sig H icon


-Helene sig flowers
♥All images belong to me♥

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