Easy Easter Beauty 3 Ways


Strive to be this extra on Easter 

A Few Whimsical Looks Done on a Whim

Easter is here! Although I don’t usually celebrate it, nor am I particularly religious, I love dressing up and making myself up in the spirit of almost all major holidays. Unfortunately, I’m not dressed up this Easter Sunday, because I’m cleaning and not leaving the house and not being seen by anyone and I’m having Easter dinner next weekend. However, on a whim, I did decide to do some fun Easter makeup complete with a polka-dot-and-pastel manicure!



The bright, vibrant colors and unfailing quality of NYX products ensure that they are mainstays in my makeup arsenal 



I had a lot of fun creating this look. I don’t recommend rocking the eyes and lips at the same time unless you’re at a rave or something, (or do it! Add some rainbow highlighter too! Slay however you please!), but even one of these quirky fun looks will make heads turn at the egg hunt. Here’s a few deets on the look:




Easter Eyes

It was extraordinarily easy to create this vibrant, eye-opening Easter look. All it took were three iterations of the same brilliant product: NYX Vivid Brights liquid eyeliner. I love this product because it is bright, pigmented, and dries quickly and matte. The thin brush applicator makes it really easy to create makeup art like I did here. For this, I used the colors Vivid Halo (yellow), Vivid Petal (pink), and Vivid Blossom (lavender). Finish off with your favorite black or dark brown mascara and you’ve got a simple, relatively foolproof look that’ll catch everyone’s eye.




Two-toned and ombré lips are a gorgeous and simple trend anyone can replicate 

Pastel Pout

I only needed four cheap products to create this pretty pastel lip look. Great part about it is that it’s easy to create, easy to apply, and you can use practically any colors you want. Two-toned or ombré lips are super trendy, and it’s even more stunning (in my opinion) when you upgrade from neutrals and darks to colors and brights! I definitely plan on implementing this particular look and style many times with many different combinations of colors. Here, I used NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sway and Respect the Pink. I also used Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Depraved and Enchant.



The polka dots aren’t super neat but this is supposed to be fun and light-hearted!

Pretty Polka Dots/Nice Nails

I honestly couldn’t decide if I liked the two-toned polka dot nails or the different colored plain nails better. In retrospect, I probably should’ve painted the polka dots on to my right hand, using my dominant left hand. They’d probably be a lot neater. Well, hindsight is 20/20 as they say. And I did save myself a lot of time and effort only doing polka dots on one hand. I really like the vibrant spring vibes you get from combining peach, pale yellow, powder blue, and lavender. It just really is pretty and energetic, and definitely not reserved for Easter only. (The polishes are all Ulta brand, save for the lavender which is Revlon.)

Though the urge was most likely born of procrastination and boredom, (I have tons to do while my boyfriend is at work today and I don’t really want to do any of it), I did end up enjoying myself and really liking the results. It’s meant to be just a fun, spur of the moment thing, and when creating this content, I was not trying to take it too seriously or make it look too professional. It’s bright and it’s fun and I wanted to share it, so hopefully you enjoy it, too. Yes it is a bit late but luckily the prevailing themes of Easter and Spring are timeless and rarely change so hopefully this will prove to be useful and interesting every year.Sig H icon

-Helene sig lipstick


♥All images belong to me♥

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