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I’m Good, and You?

Well, folks, here we are. About halfway through May, which means that we are almost halfway through the year. Wait, what? Yeah, I know. I thought the same thing… What about my New Year’s Resolutions that I haven’t really started yet? Should I start super late or just call it really early?

I’m gonna go ahead and call it “really early” for 2018. No shame in my game.

But in all honesty, I have been doing some positive forward movement with my resolutions and goals. To say that I haven’t would be an untruth, not to mention unfair to myself.

Some of my goals include writing more, journaling more, getting more exercise, and eating healthier, just to name a few. In the past couple of months, I think I’ve done all of those things really well!


My adorable little Ned. Oh my GOD he’s so cute!!!

I’m going to yoga 3-4 times per week. But I would really like to add at least 2 “regular” workouts into the mix, as well. Strength and cardio have been lacking a bit, even though I’ve gone to yoga religiously lately.

Speaking of yoga, I am so super happy with it. You may not yet know that I’m kind of a yoga buff. I’m not a pro or anything but I’ve been doing it sporadically for about a year and I got pretty obsessed with it very quickly. I just love the way it makes me feel. I’ve always been really flexible, even when I got out of shape, and it’s really nice seeing some of that old flexibility coming back!

With journaling, that means two things for me: 1) bullet journaling and 2) diary entries.

open journal pic 1

Writing in a journal has been one of the biggest recent changes I’ve made, but it is very positive and helpful in my life. 

With bullet journaling, I try to record a few select things each day. I’m not trying to hold myself to too many standards, because that will be overwhelming, taxing, and honestly, most likely doomed to failure. But I figure if I just quickly keep track of a few key goals of mine and whether or not I did anything to contribute to them, then that’ll help keep me stay on course without overwhelming myself. It may change in the future, in which I add or take away things, but for now I’ve been doing it this way for about 2 months, and I’m enjoying it! I like that it’s easy to jot these things down without having to worry about yet another daily chore to do! In my bullet journal, I keep track of:

Skin care: If I did my skin care that day (I usually have to yes/no this one the next day since the bulk of my skin care takes place last thing at the end of the day)

Workout: Did I work out that day, even if it was just a yoga class or cleaning the house?

Worked: Did I work? Meaning did I write, or work on my blog?

Journal: Did I write in my journals? (Like skin care, sometimes I have to yes/no this the next day, but I try to journal first thing in the morning because I’m more likely to do it then!)

Productive Items: Even though I already marked off if I worked or wrote, I still like to briefly list the productive things I did that day. It helps me to focus on the good things I did, instead of alllll the things I didn’t do. Because nearly every day I lay my head down for bed, my mind is racing about all the tasks I didn’t finish, or even get to! But that’s silly, and detrimental, and does nothing but keep me awake at night and keep my mood down. At least this way I can clearly see what I accomplished in a day, and I’ll be like, “Hey, I did four productive things today… Not too shabby!” These “productive items” can be anything from a blog post, to a blog draft, an Instagram post, or putting away all the laundry. I think I (and most people, probably) need to start giving myself (ourselves) more credit for the things I (we) do in a day. It isn’t easy being human, much less a productive, adult human! Let’s cut ourselves some slack and give ourselves a pat on the back more often, shall we?

What I Ate Today: I don’t go into detail (like, “Cheeseburger- one ground beef patty, one slice of cheese, tomato, lettuce…” yada yada). I just briefly jot down what I ate without listing out ingredients or anything. I hate keeping track of food and calories, and I personally think it is so detrimental unless you have a dietician or nutritionist or doctor telling you that you should meticulously track each tiny individual single calorie for health purposes. But I do subscribe to the way of thinking that at least jotting down what you ate in a day keeps you mindful of what you’re eating and assists in health and weight loss efforts. So, I do it this way!

I have another cute little teal blue journal with a gold ribbon place holder. This is my diary. I’ve started writing down my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and wishes… Well it isn’t quite as cheesy or interesting as all that, but I read that most successful people journal so, I do it too!


The flowers I picked out for the boyfriend’s mom for Mother’s Day. They are lilies, and I was pleased with the lovely violet color! 

Anyways, I’m hoping in the coming months to improve upon all these things. By the end of summer, I want these habits to be fully etched into my brain…I want it to be so that I wouldn’t think of skipping these, just like I wouldn’t think of not brushing my teeth or showering. I think it’s a worthy goal, one I can very well achieve!

Today specifically was a surprisingly good day. It didn’t start out good. I went back to bed for like an hour but couldn’t sleep. At least my sweet kitty Ned was lying with me. He is so adorable. I finally got up and decided to take a shower and run some errands. There are a few errands I’ve been really putting off for days if not weeks, and that’s not good. But I went to four stores, plus the gas station, and knocked it all out.

It was when I was leaving the house and heading to my car that I realized something that made my blood freeze in my veins… It was a gorgeous day. Normally that would make me happy, but today? No. Because it was also Saturday. And there were going to be people. Everywhere.

At that point it was too late. I already had my shoes on and my hand on the car door handle. There was no turning back.

I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone that I ran in to today, no matter how briefly, was polite and kind. I even donated to a Special Olympics group (although I didn’t have to do anything except let them pump my gas heehee, but they were such nice people and so happy that I let them do it that I still felt good about it!)

I also picked up a Mother’s Day gift for the boyfriend’s mom. She’s such a wonderful lady, I was really happy we were able to get her such lovely flowers to plant and add to her beautiful gardens! I hope she will like them, but I’m sure she will.


The new face moisturizer I got today. I thought the little jar was so cute! 

I also have needed new face moisturizer for a minute! I just haven’t gotten any! I found a small tube of like a trial size of some and I’ve been using that… It was vegan (Pacifica brand) but I didn’t like the earthy smell or the slight tingling, drying, stinging sensation it left on my face. Finally went through all that, and had no more excuses not to buy some new face moisturizer. Luckily I found a pretty decent sized one for like $5.99. I opened the box when I got home and the little tub was so cute! I knew I had to snap a pic. The cute little glass jar design and the adorable little peach-colored lid. Ah! I’m such a sucker for stuff like this.

This is getting pretty long, (at least for a post that’s all about me, ‘cause don’t nobody wanna read all this about me! Lol), so I’ll leave it off on one last note: It’s getting hot! My boyfriend told me that spring doesn’t last long in Wisconsin, and he was right. Literally less than 2 weeks ago it was snowing. Now it is so hot. Not the cool, sunny, breezy weather of spring, oh no, that came and went. It is now hot as the Devil’s armpit, and I am sweating already. Lord have mercy… I told Steve it was high time to put the two air conditioners in the windows. I can do cold, as long as I’m inside or clothed properly. But no matter what I cannot, I repeat, can NOT, do heat. Heaven help me.

(Hahahaha but in all seriousness, I’m happy for summer.)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your May!    Sig H icon


-Helene (5)
♥All images belong to me♥

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