10 of the Trendiest Colors & What Your Favorite Says About You

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Pick a Favorite Trendy Color and I’ll Tell you What it Means, & How to Wear it!


(AN: I know this is about 14 hours late from my Sunday deadline, and I apologize. It’s been a crazy weekend. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s posts should be posted on schedule.)


There are some colors that are cultural mainstays in modern fashion. These are colors that are capable of making any piece of clothing, garment, accessory, or outfit look stylish, on-trend, and even more put-together. Below, I’ve listed some of the most popular trendy colors of our time, and what your favorites say about you, your personality, and your sense of style. Plus, I give you a few ideas about how you can incorporate these particular colors in to your wardrobe and life…ways that you may not have even considered before! 




1. Millennial Pink

About the color: You should have known this one was going to be on this list! No surprise that it’s first, right? This is eeeeveryone’s favorite color nowadays. We see it everywhere, from street fashion to runways, but usually Millennial Pink can be spotted tag-teaming with crisp white, plastered up and down the social feeds of the coolest social media influencers. The best part about it is, there is no ONE Millennial Pink… It’s open to interpretation, it’s whatever we want it to be, it’s different for everyone who looks at it. That’s my guess as to why Millennial Pink is so damn popular… Millennial Pink represents absolutely everything we, my generation, want out of life. It is not only our color, but our defiance. Soon, our blood will no longer run red…It will run a color that is remarkably similar to red, but significantly lighter. 

Looks best: Millennial Pink is one of those colors that looks good literally everywhere from clothing to accessories to makeup to décor. I have a few notebooks in the bright, girly hue, as well as a coffee mug and a few shades of lipstick! To easily master the queen of all trendy colors, get a shiny bomber jacket in Millennial Pink, or a slinky slip dress (combining two popular trends into one), or a sweet blouse with dramatic sleeves. To think outside the box, try a pair of boots in the shade! Be it cute rain boots, velvet booties, or even a snake skin pair, Millennial Pink is a great shade to try out with footwear.

What it says about you: If your favorite color is Millennial Pink, I have some news for you: You’re Basic. But you should know that isn’t a term with negative connotations for me! I mean it with the utmost respect. What it means is that you’re a girl with great taste, who doesn’t like to spend too much time thinking about décor and fashion—you just do it! You like to surround yourself in the pretty pink hue because you like to be neat, orderly, happy, and surrounded by beauty. You enjoy your Starbucks indulgence with no shame, and you don’t apologize for your obsession with Instagram or your love of avocado toast. Keep being you, because you’re a princess.




2. Mauve

About the color: Mauve is a sultry, sophisticated, mature color that can be categorized under everything from earth tone to nude to neutral. One of the biggest colors of the moment, mauve is usually good in fall (because the red and orange leaves complement it so beautifully), and winter (if you want a sexier neutral than usual), but if you’re confident enough to wear mauve, you know you can wear it any time, any place.

Looks best: Mauve looks great as a sweater, jacket, or bodycon dress. Have you considered trying the shade as a matte, smoky eyeshadow look, or as a second-skin halter top? These are guaranteed to make you a bona fide bombshell.  

What it says about you: As I said, mauve is sexy and sophisticated, meaning you are, too. You’re the type of girl to make the first move on a guy, or ask for a promotion instead of waiting around. You go to the company Christmas party dressed like an A-list celeb on the red carpet. Every moment of every day belongs to you, and you absolutely own it. You’re the It-Girl of your small town, and you navigate each day with ease, grace, and a grande latte in one hand. 




Rose Gold (2)

3. Rose Gold

About the color: If Millennial Pink is the queen, Rose Gold is the princess… Or at least, the next queen in line that is posed to strike down the current ruler and take the throne! I honestly don’t see how Rose Gold hasn’t completely overrun our world yet, but that isn’t to say that it still won’t! This is a shade that managed to become what its gaudy predecessors failed to accomplish: a classy, fashionable metallic. Much like its cousin, Millennial Pink, Rose Gold is the shade of influencers and lifestyle connoisseurs everywhere. If you have only 3 pieces of jewelry in your wardrobe, make them Rose Gold, and no one will ever care… you’re instantly the most stylish person in the room.  

Looks best: Besides looking fantastic as décor (I have a couple of candles with rose gold lids and they are the most stunning fixture on my desk, hands down), how else can the color Rose Gold be used? As jewelry, obviously, but have you considered the Rose Gold makeup trend? It has lost steam lately but that doesn’t mean it needs to retire to the grave. What with highlighters, lip gloss/lip oil, and metallic eyeshadows becoming some of the most popular makeup trends nowadays, this is the perfect chance for you to try out all of these makeup trends in a shiny, rosy gold hue. Remember: If the trend died down and you bring it back later, you’re still a trendsetter, babe. (At least, that’s what I tell myself, heehee.) 

What it says about you: Like I said above, Rose Gold means you’re a trendsetter. Sure, it’s a popular and more common color, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has the glowing confidence and alpha girl attitude to pull it off constantly! But you do, don’t ya? It also means that you’re independent, headstrong, and strong of mind and soul. You can exist without the help of anyone, and everyone in your life should just be happy that they’re there. You are an enigma, only revealing bits and pieces about yourself that you want people to know, and usually only over social media. But you’re fun, and the life of any party…If only you accepted more invitations! Maybe next time… You’re too tired to go to this one. Isn’t that right? 





4. Marble

About the color: Alright, alright, I hear you. I know “marble” isn’t a color. But in this case, I’m going to just call it a “pattern”. It is one of my favorites, and it’s super popular nowadays. Besides the fact that marble started off as a floor for goodness sake, it has now evolved to being the wallpaper on everyone important person’s life. Er…You know what I mean.

Looks best: As a blog wallpaper! Kidding, kidding, (okay, kinda not kidding, because my blog wallpaper is literally marble). But seriously, since marble is kind of the official pattern of luxury, wealth, and finery, and if those are things you hope to obtain, surround yourself with the vibes! My advice? Plaster marble on every free surface you possibly can. Try to find marble shot through with yellow or rose gold for the most beautiful design you’ve ever seen. And you know what’ll really up your marble game? Three words: Marble. Print. Leggings. Wear them to the gym and no one will even notice that you’re dying after 10 minutes on the treadmill. I promise.

What it says about you: Marble being your favorite “pattern” means that you’re a go-getter who wants and deserves the finer things in life. It means that you are neat, tidy, organized, and clean. It means that you have probably been hosting wine tastings, dinner parties, and book clubs at your home since you were like 19, even when you lived in a studio and had like $20 to your name. Marble means that you’re not going to let anyone define you. You’re going to do whatever you want, whenever you want, by any means necessary, because you deserve it. You want to hold a wine tasting but only have 3 bottles of cheap, under-$10 wine? No sweat off your back—you’re gonna break out the nice glasses, invite a few of your besties, whip up some crudites, bake some cookies, and show everyone how being a broke classy lady is done. Assuming you’re broke, that is. If your favorite is marble and you’re rich, chances are it’s your favorite because you have real, authentic marble everywhere… In which case, you go, girl.




Army Green

5. Army Green

About the color: This is the color that really started to stand out in the social media age around 3, maybe 4 years ago. This is the patron color of all cool girls. Army Green is practically a neutral. It is the very foundation of any exciting outfit. Military chic is so in.

Looks best: It looks good literally everywhere: leggings, jeans, sweaters, bomber jackets, and dresses. To really up your game, try the hue as an eyeshadow. Don’t be afraid of green! Make sure it is deep, and either completely matte or slightly glittery. If you blend it out for like 5 mins with a soft eyeshadow brush, it gives an extremely sultry, deep green smoky eye that no one can resist.

What it says about you: If you wear this color, it means you’re not afraid to wear the slightly more risky looks, such as rompers with cut-outs or second-skin dresses with gladiator sandals. As I said, only the coolest of It Girls can wear Army Green. You aren’t afraid to bare your skin with it in summer, or get a sweater in the color and pair it with some thigh-high boots in winter. You don’t care about looking provocative or “tacky”, (their words, not ours), in everyday life, because you have so much confidence and easy sexiness. You wear whatever you want and look good doing it. You can usually be seen with your edges laid, concealed with sunglasses, and draped in gold jewelry. You glow like the sun.  If you like Army Green the best, you probably wear Yeezy un-ironically, (in which case, I bow down to you, O Great One).




6. Royal/Navy Blue

About the color: If sophistication had a color, it’d be this. Royal (the lighter one) and Navy (the darker one) are kinda similar, so for the purpose of this post, I’m going to group them together. This color has no gender, as women and men alike can rock it with ease. It is the color of honor, truth, and decorum. 

Looks best: As leggings, A-line dresses, and sweaters. Have you considered a pair of deep blue velvet booties paired with a black leather or blue denim skirt with either a slouchy sweater or a baggy T-shirt (depending on the weather)? Also, as with Army Green, Royal/Navy Blue smoky eyeshadow is a must-try. Just keep everything else on your face neutral. And lastly, I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WEAR NAVY BLUE WITH BLACK! IT IS WONDERFUL. In fact, try a short-sleeved navy blue top in a sweater material, (bonus points for finding a mock turtleneck!), paired with a black mini and a thin black or chocolate brown belt at your waist. You can thank me later for your new go-to work look. 

What it says about you: If your favorite color to wear is Royal/Navy Blue, chances are, you have your life together. You’re someone who manages to encompass everything that it means to be a modern day wonder woman. You are easy going and intelligent, but you don’t let anyone walk all over you, from dating prospects to the men at work. You’re not necessarily a boss bitch, but when people need advice, guidance, or tips on their next move, they know they can rely on you for wisdom and sage advice. You mind your own business, preferring to spend your evenings by your fire place, sipping white wine (only ever white, nothing else will do), and scrolling through your tablet to catch up on your subscriptions that you haven’t had time to read. An enormous white gold diamond engagement ring may or may not glitter on your finger. You are probably the most likely of your friends to get married young. But you enjoy your solitude and independence, so you and your soon-to-be hubby won’t share an address until post-wedding. 




Nude Beige

7. Nude Beige

About the color: The absolute It Color of the moment, this shade is poised to be one of the top colors of the summer. And why not? A number of people look nearly naked while wearing it, so in this age of sexual and bodily freedom, one can definitely see the appeal. Truthfully, this is an Expert Level color that requires skill, practice, and confidence to truly master. But it is oh so worth it.

Looks best: From lips to body con dresses, Nude Beige is already super popular. But with the introduction of the new Nude Beige (or skin tone) legging trend, the naughty hue is becoming more prevalent than ever! Have you tried it yet? I haven’t! But I plan to, and you should, too.

What it says about you: If your fave shade is Nude Beige, you’re probably someone who doesn’t mind showing some skin. You’re into art, social media, and following trends. Everything you do and wear is effortless and beautiful, which is easy because you look like a model. Everyone always tells you so. You have no interest in pursuing a modeling career, but your Instagram is plastered with aesthetically pleasing shots of you in bikinis at the beach, or in crop tops and leggings downtown. People are more than willing to pay you for modeling or even just posing with their brands, but you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life yet, and that’s perfectly fine! You also have really white, straight, beautiful, perfect teeth, but you rarely smile.




8. Maroon/Burgundy

About the color: “Again with the multiple colors?” you whine, exasperated at my antics. “Yes.” I reply, stone-faced and unblinking. These are being grouped together because they are so often mistaken for one another, it doesn’t even matter the difference at this point. Basically, Maroon is a tad more purple-y than its redder counterpart, Burgundy (my that was a fun sentence to say aloud…Try it!) These are easily interchangeable colors, so bear with me. Anyways… This is a special color. It can be delicate at times, commanding at others. It is the color of monarchs. It represents love, blood, and wine.

Looks best: Say it with me: “Maroon sweaters are everything.” You saw that coming, I’m sure, because big comfy sweaters in this shade are about as basic as fall’s first sip of Pumpkin Spice. Here’s another thing you probably saw coming, but I’m gonna say it anyway: “JUMP ON THE RED EYE MAKEUP TREND AND TRY MAROON SHADOW!” It is flattering and gorgeous on literally every single eye color and skin tone imaginable, (with a few tweaks as necessary, of course). I can’t wait for this eye look to become more commonplace. It truly is one of the most beautiful things to come out of the makeup world in a minute. Here’s something you probably weren’t expecting: Maroon leggings, but with a fun and funky print. I recommend snake print. I have a pair of maroon snake print leggings and they are phenomenal.

What it says about you: If your favorite is maroon, you are probably studious, quiet, and kind. Family is extremely important to you. You’re the girl who goes home from school for every single holiday, big and small (really, do you have to go home for Mother’s Day?) But that’s because you love your family and take every opportunity to see them. You’re close with your sisters, cousins, and aunts, and every family portrait has at least 25 people in it. You’re a romantic, but can’t seem to hold down a long-term relationship. This is no fault of yours, you just have wanderlust and you’re easily let down. You will probably end up traveling for 10 years before settling down with an artist or musician whom you’re madly in love with. 





9. Black

About the color: The Anti-Color of all Colors, Black has attacked this world in a shroud of magnificent, wonderful, beautiful darkness. Nowadays, if you haven’t yet bragged about an almost-all-black wardrobe, you’re in the minority. While it’s definitely a welcome addition to the world of popular colors, everyone wearing all black all the time can be a bit exhausting. Luckily it isn’t 2014 anymore, so people are incorporating more color into their wardrobes (and leaving the all-black to real pros like me hahaha kidding).

Looks best: Is it possible for black to not look good? Of course not. Finding a new and interesting way to wear the shade is actually pretty difficult, because it’s all been done before! If you have a winter event or holiday party coming up, try a makeup look consisting of bold, matte black lips, glittery silver shadow, black winged liner, and dramatic false lashes. You’ll be the belle of the ball in most people’s eyes (the few others will be old and won’t understand your artistic, unique beauty choices, pay them no mind).

What it says about you: That you follow your own path and are unapologetic about the fact that you are extremely individualistic. You probably weren’t happy once everyone and their mothers started rocking the “all black all the time” trend, but you bit your tongue… Which was easy because you’re pretty quiet and don’t open up very often. You are reserved but not necessarily introverted. You are creative, but you can’t draw or write poetry. You find unconventional, sometimes odd ways to express your creativity and your individuality. You’re also loyal, a selfless friend, and a great listener. You’re fiercely independent and have been since you were young. You’re also devastatingly beautiful, which is why you can wear head-to-toe black and be fine… Your radiance dims every possible color around you. 




10. Grey

About the color: Grey is a pretty broad term. It encompasses so many shades, from heather to gun metal. In this post, I’m talking about allll the greys, but especially heather (the lighter one), unless otherwise specified. Just keep that in mind. Anyways, grey is no longer a drab color reminiscent of rainy days. Grey is sophistication, intelligence, and charm personified. It goes with literally anything, from neons to pastels, and works just as well in summer as it does fall and winter. If you’re ready to stop wearing all-black, or if your wardrobe is too colorful and you need some serious professional neutrals in your life, try out grey. It’s a great stepping stone or in-between for people on all sides of the fashion spectrum.

Looks best: As a cozy sweater in the fall, or on your feet as boots (be them leather or suede, it doesn’t matter!). Have you considered grey accessories? From tassel earrings to a cloth knit cuff, pair it with a simple, thin silver chain and you are suddenly diving into the comparatively untouched silver section of your jewelry drawer (you know the gold section gets more love, don’t even try to deny it). Grey is also great in the makeup world, too. Try a dark, gun metal grey in a velvet or demi-matte finish on lips. A slightly sparkly medium grey looks great on lids (alone, or paired with a thin black cat eye, doesn’t matter… as long as you’re wearing plenty of mascara! Grey eyeshadow looks best with fluttery, feminine lashes). Oddly colored blushes are having a slight moment right now (the trend is more runway and high fashion for now, but I have a feeling this one could possibly breakthrough into the mainstream as well as street style), so try a light grey blush! I know what you’re thinking… But trust me. Just use a light hand and make sure the rest of your look coordinates, but is not too matchy-matchy. You’ll thank me later.

What it says about you: If grey is your favorite color, you’re probably smart as hell. You like to think outside of the box, but you also follow the rules. You’re creative (you write poetry and even know how to play an instrument or two), but you’re also book smart. You’ll probably be a math professor, chemist, or work for NASA. You’re extremely well-spoken, and you have an adorable, tinkling little laugh… Meaning that people not only hang on to your every word, but they love talking to you. The only downside is that you’re kind of reserved… It’s hard for people to get too close to you. You prefer hard liquor to wine or beer. You swish with a mouthful of bourbon each night before bed; on your desk, there’s always a glass of the amber liquid on ice. But you don’t have a problem! Of course not. Heh heh… Heh. Yeah…

Well, I hope you guys liked my take on the trendiest colors of the moment! I did the “What this color says about you” part for funsies (I mean, it was all for funsies, but you get what I mean!). I’m not a professional advice columnist or someone who writes horoscopes, so don’t take this to heart. It’s just light-hearted, colorful fun! 🙂

Did you like this? Is your favorite color featured on here? What trendy color should I include on the next list? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

And if you enjoyed reading about these trendy colors, you can also check out my article about 7 of the best trends in fashion and beauty! Sig H icon

-Helene sig to-go coffee

♥Pink bomber jacket: H&M; pink slip dress: Asos; pink blouse: Macy’s; pink boots: Asos♥
♥Mauve bodycon dress: Charlotte Russe; mauve eye makeup image: Pinterest; mauve halter top: Forever 21; mauve duster jacket: makemechic.com♥
♥Rose gold eye makeup image: Pinterest; rose gold home decor: Target; rose gold lips image: Pinterest; rose gold necklace: Lauren Ralph Lauren-Younkers♥
♥Marble clock: CB2; marble leggings: Redbubble; marble necklaces: Etsy; marble notebook: Target♥
♥Army green eyeshadow image: Pinterest; army green jacket: Forever21; army green leggings: Macy’s♥
♥Navy blue sweater: Kohl’s; navy blue eye makeup image: Pinterest; royal blue sweater: Poshmark; royal blue bodycon dress: Charlotte Russe♥
♥Nude beige leggings (with black jacket) : Asos; nude beige leggings (with pink jacket) : Forever21; nude beige leggings (with sunglasses) : Forever21; nude beige lips image: Pinterest♥
♥Burgundy leggings: REVOLVE; burgundy over-sized sweater: Forever21; maroon leggings: Old Navy; maroon eyeshadow image: Pinterest♥
♥Black dress: Forever21; black lips makeup image: Pinterest; black skirt: Charlotte Russe; black swimsuit: Asos♥
♥Grey booties: Target; grey designer lipsticks image: Pinterest; grey tassle earrings: Etsy; grey cardigan: Everlane♥



6 thoughts on “10 of the Trendiest Colors & What Your Favorite Says About You

  1. lauzieslifestyle says:

    I found this post really interesting. I kept saying…yep this is my colour…then scrolled further and thought actually…is this it? I do love black and I am one of those “all black” braggers lol, but I want to wear more of the nude beige. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • angelspartaness says:

      Lol I know right I was thinking the same exact thing. Probably because I put a piece of my soul into each of these lol. I like wearing mostly black, but I’m trying to expand into colors, too. And I know I wanna wear more of the nude beige, as well. Thanks for reading and for your comment, Laura! 🙂

      -Helene, xo ❤

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