Top 4 Best Budget Lip Products

My Top 4 Personal Favorite Lip Products (for a small price)





I love to dress up my lips. I actually have been blessed with pretty nice lips, so I’m able to rock almost anything, from liquid lipsticks to lip gloss, to basic nudes to bright reds and everything in between (literally everything–pink, green, blue, you name it). I will say that I do have a few favorite lip products. These are the products that not only look and feel best on me, but that have colors that are so flattering on me, the shades are just perfect.

Everyone is going to have their own select favorite shades of lips that they just keep coming back to. Depending on your coloring, job, preference, and other factors, those go-to colors will change with every person. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to suggestion, and if you’re reading this, chances are, you are too. Or you’re just curious about my top 4 favorite lip products that are not only beautiful but cheap, too! Either way, read on and I’ll talk about which lippies made my list.



1. Wet n Wild MegaLast Matte Lip Color

Fave Shades: Bare It All and Wine Room 

What it is: A matte lipstick that has even won an Allure Beauty Award, I personally find this product is a smooth, long-lasting demi-matte experience with a soft finish and beautiful color payout. I thought I was tripping that I thought it was hydrating, but a little bit of investigation showed that I wasn’t just imagining it! This lipstick is made with “hyaluronic micro spheres”, aloe, and Vitamins A & E.

Price: Depending on where you go, this product will run you anywhere between $1-$3 (I usually get it from CVS for $1.99)

Why I Like it: The fact that I’ve bought Bare It All about 3 times now (this coming from someone who has never finished an entire lip product save for a few times!) should tell you all you need to know about how I feel about this product. I absolutely love it. For the price, it’s an amazing product. Disregarding the price, it’s still probably one of the best drugstore matte lipsticks you can find on the market right now. I own every shade of the MegaLast Matte Lip Color collection, and I honestly enjoy wearing every single one (even the fetching bright orange and the saccharine light dusty pink). My top favorite shades by far are the perfect pinky-beige nude Bare It All, and the alluring, muted medium magenta-mauve (there were 5 “m”‘s in that, btw) Wine Room (which looks so much better on than it does in the tube, which is perhaps why I took so long to try this after I bought it!). But besides these two colors, I literally get compliments every time I wear any of the shades. People always ask me if I’m wearing one of the more expensive, higher-end brands, and the answer always surprises them. And my mom thinks I look good in the Bare It All, so that’s something! I definitely think it’s my perfect nude.




2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Fave Shades: Abu Dhabi and Budapest

What it is: The name says it all. This little lippie is a soft matte lip cream, and it’s exactly all of those things. It has a very soft feel that makes for comfortable wear, while also being matte and having incredible staying power despite its more subtle color payoff (not a bad thing at all!). The bold yet slightly muted colors are perfect for people who want to rock unique, powerful shades in a matte finish but don’t want to stick out and be too “in-your-face” with their lip look. For example, this kind of lip color is perfect for an interview, office job, or business meeting.

Price: I usually am able to pick these up for about $6.99 everywhere from CVS to ULTA.

Why I Like it: Though the price is pretty cheap, I have found that this tube doesn’t last very long. I’ve been through like 3 Abu Dhabis by now, as well as a couple of the other ones. This is coming from someone who wears a lot of lip color but doesn’t run them out very often. So I will say that you don’t get very much product. Another unfortunate downside to this is that while most of the shades have had a beautiful color payoff and finish, a couple of them are kinda patchy! I know that sometimes patchiness and staying power can vary shade-by-shade within a single product, but it still is kind of unfortunate… Or maybe I just got a bad batch. This is definitely the minority though. Most have been excellent like I’ve described above: completely wearable, soft matte finish, lots of lovely colors that work for all occasions.




3. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

Fave Shades: Sandstorm and Soft-Spoken

What it is: This is definitely a cult favorite among lippie lovers. I’ve seen this product mentioned up and down and all around for years. I tried my first one awhile ago, and I am quite pleased. This is the reigning queen of drugstore matte liquid lipsticks. The staying power and color payoff are even comparable to ABH, tbh, imho (sorry, couldn’t resist). I got the Liquid Suede Vault last holiday season, a package that has every single shade in the collection but in miniature size. I definitely don’t mind the miniature sizes, because some of the more colorful and bright shades (blues, pinks, purples, oranges, there’s even grey and green in there) I won’t wear super often. I will say that Sandstorm is probably the perfect matte nude for nearly everyone. It comes out lighter than the tube would suggest, and I’ve been asked what product I’m wearing a handful of times while I’ve had this shade on. As for Soft-Spoken, I personally love it for its sophisticated, muted mauve color (can you see a pattern here? I clearly love my nudes and muted mauves). I think it’s not only a pretty sexy shade, but also very trendy right now.

Price: Like the NYX product above, I usually grab this for $6.99-$7.99. But you get more bang for your buck with this one. The regular sizes have a lot in them, and last for quite a while.

Why I Like it: It’s just about everything you could possibly want in a matte liquid lipstick. It dries super matte, super fast, but is comfortably wearable and not drying at all (as long as you use balm underneath, I’ve found). The sheer array of shades should attract many (want a bright orange or a denim blue?) and the color payoff itself is wonderful, not patchy, streaky, or feathery at all.



4. Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

Fave Shades Kind: Honey and Vanilla Bean

What it is: A natural lip balm using the power of bees-wax to moisturize (and over time, heal) lips (at least, I’ve found).

Price: $2.99-$3.99, depending on the store and the kind you buy.

Why I Like it: You can’t have a good lip (and certainly not a good matte lip) without a good foundation, er, base, uh–balm! You can’t have a good lip without a good layer of balm first, and this is in my opinion the best lip balm. Yes, it’s pricier than its less-than-a-dollar counterpart, Chapstick, but this one is so worth it to me. The nearly all natural and organic label makes me feel better about slathering my mouth with this stuff, and I just prefer the aftereffects. I feel like this product heals my lips, because when I was a kid, I had serious chapped lips problems. I’ve been hooked on Burt’s Bees lip balms (and other products!) for years now, and I seriously can’t use any other balm. This one moisturizes best for longest, and there are so many different subtle yet pleasant scents (Coconut and Pear is a close third favorite, and they even have Acai and Blueberry & Dark Chocolate) as well as different kinds (a red-tinted Pomegranate was my first purchase, and the smell is so nice and nostalgic for me; another notable one is the Ultra Conditioning which goes on almost as wet as a gloss). I know I’m being redundant by now, but I can’t even stand using any other lip balm, at least, I have yet to find a suitable replacement.

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Well, there you have it! My top 4 favorite budget lip products (and my top favorite shades/kinds of each). Have you ever used any of these before? What are your opinions? Anything you can recommend to me that are similar or comparable or even, dare I say it, better? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear from you!


-Helene sig lipstick


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      Thanks for the read and comment, Azra 🙂 You’re so right, they have such an extensive array of shades. Definitely one of the major reasons that product made this list. ❤

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