Trying New Health Foods ~ Kombucha (Synergy) & Vegan Fruit and Nut Bars (LÄRABAR)

Trying New Health Foods: Synergy Organic Kombucha (Cosmic Cranberry) & LÄRABAR (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) Bar

Hello and Happy Monday, Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by here at the beginning of what I hope to be a lovely week for everyone, myself included. If you’re here, perhaps you’ve noticed my ever-changing tagline at the top of my site has changed yet again. It seems like only yesterday I was promising that I would do my best to adhere to a new—slightly foolish—posting schedule…A schedule that called for me to post 3 times per week. While I did try my best, I ultimately did fail to stick to this rigid posting schedule, and subsequently failed to hold true to my tagline.

Thus, the tagline changed yet again, and hopefully for the last time in a while. I set it to say, “New Content Constantly”, which will probably pan out to be twice per week most weeks with occasional hiccups and flares. Please don’t take my word for it, and instead just join me on going with the flow. Anyways, on to the topic at hand!

I’m trying new things! I’m branching out! That’s all positive, isn’t it? I’m making positive change? Hooray! 🙂



I’ll tell you something, I have a rather unhealthy tendency to gravitate towards convenient, individually and pre-packaged foods, up to and including mozzarella cheese sticks, microwave popcorn, and of course, granola bars. I have since been trying to gravitate away from such potentially harmful and unhealthy snacks (I successfully made my first-ever only slightly singed batch of oven-top popcorn from scratch the other day…I made it with coconut oil but then topped it with a buttload of salt, so…cancelled out, maybe?), and my body is all the better for it. But I have been craving sweet things lately, morning, noon, and night. I usually want something more along the lines of some sort of healthy cookie, pastry, or bar.

So when the beau and I were shopping at our favorite grocery store one fine, early, hazy morning and we happened across an end-cap advertising a variety of boxes of 5-count LÄRABARs for only $3.50, I immediately back-tracked. What an amazing deal and offer! I couldn’t believe it! Suddenly, these bars I once passed so many times in the past on the grounds of being unable to justify their healthiness and deliciousness against their price had finally proven their worth and value to me!

And as soon as I tore one of those bad boys open and took a bite, they immediately proved their delicious taste to me, as well. The color was slightly off-putting, for the shortest of split seconds. It had a hue that immediately reminded me of dates. As the wrapper boasts “The Original Fruit and Nut Bar”, I needed only a moment to deduce that the deep, brown-ish color of the bar was derived from dates of some sort, and the amazing crunch mixed in with the soft and chewy texture was most indicative of cashews.


In all, it played together wonderfully. There were chocolate chips, oh yes, or something vegan akin to chocolate chips, but there were so few, and seemingly occupying only the bottom third of the entire bar, that my taste buds and woefully dormant cocoa receptors were left crying out for more.

All in all, it was a wonderful foray into the dazzling world of vegan, organic, healthful, delicious, popular convenient snack bars. I can’t wait to try more, and hope to grab another box, (or 12!), before the sale ends 🙂


On to the kombucha!

I have been seeing this fascinating drink on Instagram and blogs for months now, if not years. What caused me to hesitate in trying this? Could it be the hefty price tag? $2.99 is cheap, yes, but in what context? I mean, it’s fermented, I guess, but it isn’t even alcoholic!

Is the mere fact that it is so trendy and popular a drink the sole reason that this colorful, mysterious stuff boasts so lofty a cost? I can think of no other viable reason.

I finally had to try the stuff.


After perusing the shelves for a good 2-4 minutes, deciding quickly that “original” was too risky and “strawberry” too safe, I finally settled on a concoction code-named “Cosmic Cranberry” a.k.a. the Drink of My Dreams.

I’m not gonna lie, that first sip was extremely off-putting. I thought the almost aggressive fizz was put in place to distract from an almost nauseating taste, but such was just not so. It took a few more sips, but after the first initial onslaught of just different tastes and flavors, I finally realized that not only was the drink not half bad, but I was also enjoying it thoroughly.

I don’t know if it was just me imagining it, or this wildly popular kombucha casting its crazy magical effects over me and the bacteria in my stomach (or whatever kombucha does). Either way, I started feeling lighter, more clean, and happier as I drank it down. Whether these were imagined feelings or very real, it doesn’t matter! Any time you try something new and it gives you this pleasant and positive of a feeling, you’ve had a good time 🙂 And perhaps even found a winner.


Yes, the $3 is daunting. But it isn’t impossible. I see these bad boys go on sale constantly, so I’ll definitely have to stock up, and indeed try different brands, flavors, and kinds! Although, I’m glad I went with the cranberry for my first try. Even without vodka in tow, cranberry continues to impress and hold its own. Nice work, cranberry. You’ve won my respect.

So I’ve picked two new food things to try, and both were very good and delicious in my opinion! So now I want to hear from you! Have you ever tried either of these things? Did you like them? Do you know of anything similar that you could recommend to me that I might like to try?

Always on a journey of self-betterment and eager to try new things, I invite you to join me in what I choose to share with you on this blog ❤ Thank you lovelies for joining me as always!



-Helene sig flowers♥All images belong to me♥

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