Pink Summer Glow Makeup Look ~ Summer Matching Glow Trend

Pink Summer Glow Makeup Look ~ Matching Highlight to Eyes Makeup Trend


Hi there lovelies,

and welcome to July! We are really deep into summer now, aren’t we? And you know what that means… If you haven’t completely overhauled your summer beauty routine, now’s the time! Temperatures are rising and there’s sun, dirt, humidity, and dryness all waiting for us in the coming weeks.

Don’t despair! We have plenty to look forward to, as well, including fun in the sun and lots of outside time. As long as we are being safe (drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and use bug spray!) we can fully enjoy being outdoors even when it’s scorching.

Snow isn’t the only thing that melts away as it starts to heat up. Ever had the feeling that your makeup was melting off your face as you worked, played, or just existed in these summer conditions? Yeah, me too.

Not only is summer the time to retire our dark lip colors (well… sometimes), our foundation (not that I wear it anyway), and our heavy makeup,  it’s also the time to simplify our looks. It sometimes means more than just swapping out your mascara for the waterproof kind (although that can help).

In summer, makeup is lighter, brighter, and more fresh. Maybe you’re playing with lip glosses and lip oils instead of cream lipsticks or liquid lippies. Maybe your contour stick is being swapped out for a bronzer. Maybe your moisturizer has been replaced by self-tanner (okay, this one may be a stretch, I’m not sure… Do people actually do that? Anyways…)


For me, summer makeup definitely means less is more. All I want is BB Cream with SPF, and anything with the words “illuminate” “highlight” or “enhance” on its packaging. In summer, I’m all about the glow baby, and the less products I have to use, and the least amount of effort I have to put in, the better.

So, as an aspiring trendsetter does, I came up with a new summer trend! Okay, maybe I didn’t come up with it, per se, but I did decide that it’d be my new go-to summer look. Are you ready for this? Get ready…


Matching your eye makeup to your highlighter!

Maybe that didn’t require fanfare or a drum roll, but it’s still pretty darn innovative. First of all, the matchy-matchy or monochromatic makeup trend is amazing, hands down. Taking it one step further and making sure your eyelids and cheekbones shine with the same hue of shimmer-y powder is about as effortless as it gets, and flattering on everyone, too. It’s simple and works with pretty much any color. It makes you look put together, glowing, and hot (in a good way) without much hassle.

I’ve talked this up enough, I think. I just wanted to introduce you all to this kind of summer makeup look and see what you thought! I’ve been putting a lot of work in to trying different combinations to make the best looks, and I have a lot lined up! Today, I’m only going to be introducing it and showing the bright pink look I have in my arsenal.

Untitled design (18)

This is one of the brighter and slightly less subtle of all the looks. This pink works for day to night, so if you have a bonfire or party, I’d choose this one. The deep pink is flattering on every skin tone, from light to tan to deep, and is easier than anything.


For the eye portion, I used one of the shades in the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette (see the graphic above to see which shade). Using a wide, fluffy eyeshadow brush, simply brush on the shimmery shadow, using just a bit or building to your desired level of pigmentation. Blend it upwards and out, stopping around the crease. Use a generous helping of black mascara and the eyes are done!


For the highlight, I used NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Crushed Bloom. (Read the review here!) I have just two colors but I really love this product. It’s kinda like ombré in a way, and seems to change colors in the light. This particular one looks kinda like lavender and it is, a little, but is mostly pink, especially once the light hits it.

The highlighter and eyeshadow end up matching really well and gives you this bright, slightly flushed, beautifully pink look with lots of shimmer (can you tell I love shimmer for summer? Shimmer shimmer shimmer). Like I said, not the most subtle look, but flirty and pretty for anyone, any time of day.


So what do you think of this look? Would you ever try this trend of matching the highlight and the eyes? Next up, I’m going to show how to do this look two more ways: reddish hot pink and *gold! Stay tuned for that, and lemme know what you think down below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

-Helene sig flowers

*decided to do a gold look next instead of bronze, sorry about that guys

♥All images belong to me♥
♥Products purchased with my own money, all opinions within are my own honest thoughts♥

11 thoughts on “Pink Summer Glow Makeup Look ~ Summer Matching Glow Trend

  1. amytitch says:

    Looks fabulous on you! Love highlight, love shimmer. Actually, my cheeks are basically gold all day, every day. Hope I can get that eye palette in the UK! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous look ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • angelspartaness says:

      You’re so sweet Amy! 🙂 Thanks for the read and your kind comment 🙂 I know what you mean, I have highlight on pretty much every day! And yeah I actually like the palette (and the other variations) people complain about the pigmentation but with some primer it really isn’t bad, especially the shimmers 🙂

      xo ❤


    • angelspartaness says:

      Thank you Azra! So kind 🙂 And yeah I thought it was so cool that the whole look matched my natural lip color! Kinda cool when things work out that way ❤ xo

      Liked by 1 person

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