Review ~ Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Nutritive Cleanser & High Potency Face Firming Activator

Reviewing Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Nutritive Cleanser (face cleanser) & High Potency Face Firming Activator (serum)

Hi everyone!


I hope everyone’s weekends are going well! Mine is, it is very relaxing and I’m getting a lot done as well as some down-time, too. I realized, however, that I hadn’t really posted a blog post in a while. So I was scanning my bathroom closet to see what products I felt like reviewing. I love doing reviews, they are probably my favorite kind of blog post to write. Anyways, I decided on doing a 2-in-1 review of two Perricone MD face care products.




I received both of these products for free while I was working at ULTA Beauty, not in exchange for my opinion, however. They are actually pretty decent sizes, as you can see. I started using both of them a couple of months ago, and they aren’t gone yet, as you only need a bit for each use. I used each of them almost every day.


Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Nutritive Cleanser pic from perricone md com

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser – $45 (image from site, not mine)

Nutritive Cleanser


Type: facial cleanser  ⊥  Size: 6 fl oz / 177 mL  ⊥   Cost: $45                         Shop:  ⊥    Sample size: 2 fl oz / 59 mL                         When to Use: night or day, daily  ⊥   Consistency: liquid-gel                           Scent: mild medicinal, chemical   



According to the website, this product is,

“Formulated with Dr. Perricone’s proprietary Alpha Lipoic Acid, this daily cleansing gel washes away surface impurities and makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils. Leaves skin looking refreshed, radiant and perfectly prepared for treatment.”

On the website, it claims that it(‘s) :

  • Ideal for normal to dry skin.

  • Non-drying, skin softening and conditioning.

  • Leaves skin refreshed and perfectly prepared for treatment.

I actually really enjoyed using this product. Although I do describe the scent as, “mild medicinal, chemical”, that is in no way unpleasant. It’s a nice scent that makes me feel like I’m getting my face taken care of in a clinic- or spa-like setting. It certainly gave me more faith in the product.

It comes out as a clear, liquid-y gel. As you massage your face with it, it turns slightly sudsy, which we all can probably agree is a very pleasant feeling, especially when it comes to facial cleansing. I definitely feel like this cleanser is perhaps one of the best facial cleansers I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying out. It does a fantastic job cleaning my face, right down to the pores. It is non-drying and conditioning, and when I rinse it off, my face feels softer and rejuvenated, if not more youthful!

I definitely saw results, especially after using this product pretty much every night for a couple of months. I would certainly recommend this face wash to anyone, even those with sensitive or dry skin. I would most certainly buy this full size, too. At $45 for triple the amount in that sample, yeah, I’d definitely say that’s a good deal. It’d probably last me at least 6 months, if not longer. I’m just so pleased with the cleanser, I would for sure buy it. I used it almost every night, but especially on those nights where I was thinking, “Okay, my skin is feeling blech, it needs a little extra TLC”. Unfortunately that is the case most nights, but who knows? Maybe after a few months of using this stuff religiously, I won’t have that complaint near as often.

Overall Score: 9/10 (I really enjoyed this wonderful cleanser, and will probably purchase the full size for myself)


Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals High Potency Face Firming Activator pic from perriconemd com

Perricone MD High Potency Face Firming Activator – $125 (image from site, not mine)



High Potency Face Firming Activator


Type: facial serum  ⊥  Size: 2 fl oz / 59 mL   ⊥  Cost: $125                             Shop:   ⊥   Sample size: .25 fl oz / 7.5 mL                     When to Use: night or day, daily  ⊥   Consistency: cream, light             Scent: strong chemical, fishy scent (blegh)




According to the website, this product is,

“High Potency Face Firming Activator, previously available only through dermatologists, is designed with the highest potency active ingredients to minimize the length, depth and width of a wrinkle while delivering a luminous, vibrant, fresh complexion. Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful and water-soluble antioxidant that helps to increase levels of other antioxidants in the skin. It improves the appearance of the depth of a wrinkle by addressing micro-scars. DMAE tackles the length and width of a wrinkle by lifting and firming the look of skin. It works synergistically with Alpha Lipoic Acid—both proprietary to Perricone MD— and the NTP Complex Delivery System works to ensures optimal results by driving actives deep within the skin.”

On the website, it claims that it:

  • Minimizes the appearance of the length, width and depth of a wrinkle.

  • Refines the look of enlarged pores.

  • Improves the appearance of skin texture while imparting radiance and glow.

As much as I raved above about the previous product, this one from the same brand fails to impress. The smell was highly unpleasant. I could really only describe the scent as “fishy”, I just couldn’t think of a more accurate descriptor. It is strong, acrid, pungent… Nothing like I expected. Perhaps that’s the “high potency” to blame? It stands to reason that a $125 product that is labeled as “high potency” and expected to be effective in improving wrinkles and lines might contain ingredients that impart a not-so-pleasant scent. This holds up, especially considering that, at the bottom of the page, it contains a cautionary line, “Due to the science and compounds used in our products the feel and scent may vary”.

Beyond that, the feel was unpleasant, too. It has the consistency of a light cream or medium-thick lotion, and when I would rub it on, it almost stung a little bit. So perhaps would not recommend to those with sensitive skin.

I used this for a week or two without really knowing what it was or what it was intended to do. I just used context clues, really. I figured it was meant to help with fine lines and wrinkles in some capacity, and, after reading the website, I found my guess to be correct. Did it help with fine lines and wrinkles? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Please take into consideration that I’m only 22, and don’t yet have to contend with wrinkles. I used this nearly every day, in the morning, after showering and moisturizer and before makeup, but, truthfully, no… I did not see any real results, not personally.

In retrospect, I probably should’ve used it at night, before bed. I don’t know if it actually had any results, positive or negative. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m merely saying that I do not know if it works or not. I’d have to try it again for a period of time, preferably at night, but honestly, the combination of the smell and the stinging feel makes me not want to smear it on my face at all, again.

Overall Score: 2/10 (because I can’t say it didn’t work, but I won’t try it again, most likely)


So what did you guys think of this review? Have you ever used any Perricone MD products? Would you ever use these, or any of them? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear from you, as always!

-Helene sig flowers

♥Featured image belongs to me♥
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♥This post is not sponsored by Perricone MD♥

10 thoughts on “Review ~ Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Nutritive Cleanser & High Potency Face Firming Activator

    • angelspartaness says:

      I actually loved the Nutritive Cleanser! The High Potency Activator was not great for me at all :/ And I don’t think I was aware that they had makeup! Gotta check it out 🙂 Thanks for your read and comment, Kali xx


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