{DIY} Oatmeal Agave Aloe Face Mask ~ All- Natural Facial at Home

Homemade Oatmeal Agave Aloe Face Mask ~ DIY All-Natural Facial ~ EASY!


Hi there, lovelies! 

I’m back with another skin care surprise for you all on this fine day. I’ve been doing some research into the benefits of both agave and oatmeal on your face, and I was very happily surprised to find that there were actually multiple benefits! From containing vitamins to helping boost collagen production, to moisturizing and soothing to helping fight acne and wrinkles, there are so many great upsides to using these plant-based ingredients topically.

If you’ll remember from my DIY Aloe Gel Matcha Powder Face Detox Mask  I love using aloe on the face. It is so soothing, and really helps with acne, helps to hydrate, and just makes the skin of the face feel overall smoother and even more youthful! You guys have seen me rave about it, and you’ve also seen my before and after pictures with the results of using the mask, so you know it’s no joke. I decided to add some aloe gel to this mask, to give it an extra kick.


Aloe and oats have a lot of similarities when it comes to what good they can do for your face. Both can increase collagen production, which will help your skin appear more supple and youthful. And they both have anti-inflammatory properties, helping with redness, acne, and blemishes. Both will help soothe itching and dryness in skin, as well as soften and hydrate it. Oatmeal and aloe both help to heal minor wounds or imperfections, such a small rashes, sunburn, cuts, or acne wounds.

Oatmeal itself has been used throughout history as an ancient remedy for a multitude of skin problems. Agave also has skin remedy uses dating back centuries. Agave is considered to be a sweeter and healthier, albeit more pricey, alternative to honey or other sweeteners such as sugar or stevia. Oatmeal can be used to heal and soothe symptoms that the skin of the body is suffering from, (try searching “colloidal oatmeal bath”, if you’re interested in that), whereas this mask is specifically for face use only.


You can count on this mask to smooth and soften your face, as agave contains glycolic acid and oatmeal is a wonderful, gentle exfoliator all on its own. Oatmeal is also great at protecting against outside harmful factors and environmental dangers, such as pollution, dirt, and damage from the sun’s rays, thanks to the healthy fats it contains.

There are lots of things to love about this mask and it’s skin-purifying ingredients, check out this nifty little graphic I created to make it quick and simple to know what’s what about each item on the ingredient list.


Benefits of Avocado Agave Oatmeal Mask with Lemon

To make this mask, begin by fully cooking the oats of your choice. Allow them to cool in a bowl for 5-10 mins. Extract about two tablespoons of aloe gel from the leaf, blend it in a blender for 15-20 seconds, so it is slightly more liquid-y and easier to mix, but still retaining some of its gel consistency. Add a tablespoon of agave and the aloe gel to the oatmeal, mix well with a spoon until completely blended. Apply to clean, dry face and relax for about 60 mins (the longer the better). Wipe off mask into the trash with a soft damp cloth or paper towel, rinse face well with cool water, and finish up with any serums, creams, or lotions that you would like.


Immediately you should notice a softer, more even-toned, even glowing complexion! I know I did! I can’t wait for you all to try this if you’d like to and let me know how it works for you! I would recommend doing a small 20-minute patch test on the inside of your elbow to ensure that this mask won’t cause you any irritation or discomfort. Although it shouldn’t, it never hurts to be safe, especially when trying new or homemade things and slathering them on your face, am I right?

H (1)

So what do you all think of this mask? Have you ever used any kind of oatmeal mask or anything like this before? And how about using agave, what do you think of that? Drop me any and all comments down below, as usual I would love to hear from you!



-Helene sig flowers

♥All images and graphic(s) belong to me♥

4 thoughts on “{DIY} Oatmeal Agave Aloe Face Mask ~ All- Natural Facial at Home

  1. adele miner says:

    These are my favourite kind of posts.. I will definitely be giving this a try! I am so glad I cam across your blog too, I can see you have worked really hard on it and it is completely paying off, well done pretty lady! x


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