Fall Makeup Look ~ Changing Leaves ~ Monochromatic Matching Makeup Series

Fall Makeup Look ~ 🍁Changing Leaves🍂 ~ Monochromatic Matching Makeup Series


Hi there, lovelies!

Today I’m here with a makeup look for you all. It is very shimmery, with matching monochromatic shades, so that makes it the perfect summer-fall segue makeup look, both in terms of real life wearability and the theme of my blog’s makeup posts. If you’ll remember from my Mermaid Matching Makeup Look post, I said I had one last summer glow trend makeup look to share. Well, that’s only half-true. Like I said, this makeup look seamlessly transitions summer and fall, as it’d work for both.



For summer, I would’ve left out the eyeliner and used only brow gel on the brows instead of brow pomade and powder, for a more natural and lightweight brow look. For fall, feel free to include bolder brows, liquid liner (keep it to the tiniest, thinnest flick to keep the look from becoming too much), and even a light dusting of medium taupe bronzer, if you’d like.



You can really see the gorgeous gold-to-red transition on that lovely highlight… I just love it, it is super flattering and just a unique, mesmerizing color. Perfectly hot for summer ☀️ But it also reminds of the glittering beauty of fall, what with the leaves of gold and orange and red 🍂



These are the main products of the look. Excluding mascara, brows, and any other products I used or that you wanna use, these are the center of the look. For that gorgeous gold-orange-red highlight, I used NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in “Synthetica”, which you may remember from my review of it here, I absolutely love this product. Really gives that unique and eye-catching color shift that you just don’t see everywhere. This particular color works great as a blush and highlight, the red tones going good for a flush and the gold of course shining brilliantly and highlighting the cheekbones. I brushed a small amount on the area just between the tops of my cheeks and my cheekbones, then blended it out well. This gave a great effect and helped the product fill both roles. In summer, temps are so high you may be naturally flushed and may not need the help of any powder to contribute to redness in your cheeks. In that case, you may just wanna put a very small amount just on the tops of your cheekbones, to help that gold shine through as the star, or skip this and use a straight up gold highlighter instead. Whatever works best for you is fine!





On the eyes, I simply dusted a generous helping of this absolutely beautiful ULTA Beauty Eye Shadow in “Risk Taker” over matte nude beige eyeshadow primer. That really helped this already-pigmented powder pop 💥As you can see, it is a slightly shimmery hot red (it looks redder in the pot than it is, the actual color payoff is less deep red, a bit of a disappointment, admittedly, but still a gorgeous color nonetheless), and the color reminds me perfectly of crisp fall leaves. It was obviously perfect for this look, especially with the closeness of the shades in the lip gloss and the illuminator. Seriously, the eyeshadow and lipgloss match almost perfectly, and the illuminating powder, from angles that show off the blush aspect of it, also appear to be an exact match! Check out another pic and judge for yourself.



That’s not all that was absolutely perfect for this look! The lip gloss! Omg. Some of you may recall that I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with lip gloss. That’s because the thought of sloppy gloopy mirror-like lips makes me cringe, and reminds me of the fact that 90s and aughties fashion and beauty trends are slowly creeping back into the mainstream, and they give me mental hives. However, I believe in second chances and I definitely believe in giving lip gloss a second chance, if only because this particular gloss has purified my previously soured opinion of the lip topper. This Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss in “Harvest Time” is slightly sticky in that it sticks well to your lips, giving you pretty long wear, but it is not gloopy, drippy, or too sticky in that you’ll be pulling hairs away from your mouth all day. And check out that snazzy name– “Harvest Time”! 🍁 It’s like this was meant for fall. It has slight gold shimmers in it that play out super subtle on the lips, and the burnt reddish color is also very subtle, giving just the slightest hint of a fresh and youthful red flush. It’s a very flattering, warm color that would look good on any skin color, and, again, is just a great lippie for fall.



I also wanted to note how much I love the current makeup trends of the recent weeks and months. Red and orange hues are becoming wildly popular and I am digging it. Between the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette and the new Morphe palette with tons of autumnal hues I just spied on Instagram earlier this week, there are tons of options to help you stay current with the trend. In fact, I’m eyeballing Heat for my birthday, and I can’t wait to play with those fiery hues 🔥



Here you can see a swatch I did of these three wonderful products. Here you can see the true colors and how they really appear with some great light and a few layers. From top to bottom: “Risk Taker” eyeshadow, “Synthetica” illuminating powder, “Harvest Time” lip gloss. As you can see, it’s as I said with the ULTA eyeshadow–it isn’t as deep as it is in the pot. It actually comes out a lightened, burnished auburn. Still beautiful though. With lots of layers piled thickly on top of each other, the NYX illuminator has a stunning gold sheen–I mean literally stunning, you might get stunned blind if this reflects the sun and catches your eye! Haha ✨ But you can see it still has that gorgeous orange-red tone underneath there, clearly visible. And the lipgloss is pretty sheer and thin, not thick or opaque at all, but it’s perfect. As I said, color payoff is subtle and universally flattering, shimmer is also subtle and delicate, and it is long wearing  with that stick-to-your-lips quality. I thought this was a super pretty fall aesthetic swatch, wouldn’t you agree?





Well this is obviously not the most conventional or predictable look, but as I said, the red and orange (and other warm) tones are becoming super prevalent and popular and just really sustaining as a trend so this hopefully won’t look too out-of-place if you wish to try something like it. It’s actually pretty subtle. I think it stands out more with a lovely contrast against my paler, neutral-toned skin, dark eyes, and deep dark curls, but someone with more balanced or mellow features might find this look to be a bit more subdued and wearable on their visage 😌 I will admit, on me the color palette of the overall makeup look on my face was pretty intense, but hey, I like it!
H (1)


So what did you guys think of my first Fall Trend: Monochromatic Makeup Look? I called this one “Changing Leaves” 🍂🍁 because it reminds me of all the enchanting shades of red, orange, yellow, and gold that we see in the world during the wonderful time of autumn. I know I’m not alone in loving and reveling in this season, and I want my makeup and fashion choices to reflect that. Let me know what you think in the comments down below, as always, I’d love to hear from you. And thanks for reading!


-Helene sig flowersAll images belong to me 
All opinions are my own, not sponsored

11 thoughts on “Fall Makeup Look ~ Changing Leaves ~ Monochromatic Matching Makeup Series

    • angelspartaness says:

      I’m glad you like it! I’m loving pinks, reds, oranges… all those warm colors are so wonderful and I’m glad they’re “in” right now. And that’s awesome, thank you! I’m gonna check it out right now 😘🙏🏼

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