Join me at the Coffee Shop ☕️ 

Join me at the Coffee Shop ~ A Short Chat and General Musings to Catch Up with My Lovely Readers



Hi there, babes!~

I hope you’re all having an awesome Tuesday! I know I am! I slept in ’til the blissfully late time of 7:45a, I did my makeup all purrrty, dressed in a #fallvibes outfit, got some gaming in (finally reached C- rank in Dead or Alive 5 – my favorite fighting game), and then decided it’d be a great day to get some fresh air, delicious coffee, and social interaction. So that’s exactly what I did! I moseyed on down to Starbucks, grabbed a venti caramel macchiato, (and then a tall caramel macchiato…then some water… then a cake pop), settled down in a prime comfy spot in a back corner by a window, and relaxed.


img_2978My workspace for today

After musing about how lucky I was that I could pick up and do this for work pretty much whenever I wanted and that life was pretty darn good sometimes, I decided to flex my online shopping muscles. It’s been awhile, for sure; last time I ordered anything online was the Morphe 350-2 Second Nature palette for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Today I decided to switch lanes a bit and order some clothing and a bag.


img_2971My office view for today 

I do need a bag for hauling around all my stuff, especially for fun work excursions to coffee shops like today. I ordered an adorable and cheap economical bag I saw another blogger write about a while back. I’ll go into more detail once it arrives, which might not be for several weeks… shame, but definitely worth the wait. Until then I’ll keep using my super cool Sonic the Hedgehog backpack my dad bought me back in senior year.


img_2977This was my breakfast today… lunch is two sugary coffees and a cake pop, lol


I desperately need some new workout clothes, that’s for sure. So I ordered some basic but cute black leggings and a couple of pairs of athletic underwear to go with those pants. Those should all be here by the end of the week, can’t wait to get them, put em on, and pound out an awesome workout to break them in.


img_2974Glittery green eyeliner with light gold sparkly shadow and lovely clear skin (thank goodness) is an awesome cold-weather makeup look

As for blog updates, I feel I do owe you some. I apologize again for slowing down but I promise you it’s not for a lack of material! I have seriously like 20+ blog posts saved in my drafts that are just begging to be finished and posted for all you lovely people to enjoy. I’ve been slacking, but if this post here shows anything, it’s that at least I’m aware of the problem, and I’m still alive and able to write so that’s good. 😊


img_2973Hi guys, this is my favorite necklace

It’s still early in the week, and I’ve got a ton of things planned, (like, literally scheduled), for this week to hopefully help me get back into the flow of everyday writing, constant blogging, and frequent posting. These are my goals and I am not giving up on them!

So this week alone, expect to see a healthy vegan fall recipe, my second fall makeup look I’m sharing with you, my review and swatches of the Morphe Second Nature palette, a post with 3 fall manicure ideas, and 2 tag posts. Phew! That’s a lot! I know, but I’m so ready for it. Best part is, I already have all of my photography and editing done for these posts. I know right? I have all the pictures ready, just waiting on the writing? That doesn’t sound like me. Haha, but it is. Anyways, expect all of those things this week, and even more next week.
H (1)
So, what do you guys think of my blog post plans, or my small chat in a coffee shop with you all? How are your guys’ Tuesdays going? Got any big blog plans or ideas coming up? I’d love to hear about your day, your blog, or anything at all, so drop me a note in the comments because I’d love to hear from you. ❤️


All images belong to me

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