Fall Makeup Look ~ #thankful | Happy Thanksgiving 🍽🍁

Happy Thanksgiving | Fall Makeup Look ~ #thankful


Sultry and sassy


Happy Saturday, everyone~

I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far, and, if you celebrate it–I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, food, and gratitude. I had a pretty good one! I spent the previous day and the day of with my love, relaxing, playing Monopoly, and just spending time together. Then on the actual day of Thanksgiving, we went to his mother’s house to have dinner with some of his family. So, as you can see, I had a pretty normal and pleasant Thanksgiving, but I’m curious to hear how all of yours’ were! If you celebrate this holiday, did you have a good one with delicious food and good times?





Anyways, I think a normal and unremarkable Thanksgiving deserves little more than a paragraph, especially when I have something else to show you guys. It’s another fall makeup look, just one in a line of five or six that I haven’t posted yet. Yes, I’m well aware that we are a mere few days away from December and a few weeks away from the official start of winter–I will be scrambling to get all of my fall makeup looks, recipes, and other autumn-themed posts squared away by then. So here is my 2nd fall makeup look to be posted here on my blog–I call it “#thankful”, because it is Thanksgiving-themed!





As you can see, I used warm-toned eyeshadow hues to create a sultry look, which makes my eyes look deep and dark like chocolate, so I think this look is super complimentary for brown eyes. However, with the reddish tones, I also think it’ll really bring out green or hazel eyes quite prettily.

For this lewk, I of course used my Morphe 350-2 Second Nature Palette that I got for my birthday. This palette has been getting a lot of use in my house this season, because not only is it full of gorgeous shades, but all of those shades are fall-fantabulous and super interchangeable and complimentary. As you can see with this eye look, I frequently use three shades to comprise the finished product.






For #thankful, I used the shades “Brick”, a–well… a brick-toned deep matte orange-red shade, “Zippy”, a metallic deep orange-gold tone; and “In the Zone”, a deep reddish-brown matte hue. Together, this color combo totally reminds me of Thanksgiving. In fact, whether this is interesting or off-putting, it reminds me of turkeys and their coloring! Gobble gobble, I guess.

Recreating this eye ensemble is simple, especially if you have this Morphe palette. If not, feel free to use my descriptions above and my pictures as a guide to find similar shades to create a comparable makeup look.






First, using a soft, medium eyeshadow brush, sweep “Brick” onto the front half of your lid, (from the mid-eyelid to towards the inner corner), blending near the crease to create a delicate shadow in the crease.

Next, do the same with the shadow “In the Zone”, except on the outer half of lid. Gently blend with either a clean small eyeshadow brush or a clean fingertip the middle, where the two shades meet, for a seamless transition.






Finally, using a C-shaped eyeshadow brush, gather a small amount of the shade “Zippy” onto just the edge of the C brush. Gently sweep the shade into the middle of the eyelid in the crease, carefully brushing a bit back and forth so that it completely covers the crease and blends well into the two shades on the lid below. All three shades should be seamlessly blended but fairly distinguishable from each other.

For a final optional bonus step, you can try a trick that I use often with dynamic, colorful eyeshadow looks like this one. Simply swirl a clean fingertip in the shadow and gently tap it onto the corresponding spot on your lid, then gently blend it with a clean fingertip or clean eyeshadow brush. This process adds an extra boost of bold pigment and can reinforce the overall look.




Serving them fall vibes with this artfully autumnal filtered shot 



To finish, simply top with a generous amount of soft or jet black mascara, depending on your preferred intensity of lashes. Either one would work beautifully, the former a lovely delicate framing that allows the bold eyeshadow triumvirate to take center stage, the latter a sexy topper to what is already an alluring eye ensemble. Brown mascara would look great, too, as would brown-black. The choice is yours~

As for the rest of the face, makeup-wise, I kept it simple. A light dusting of warm-toned bronzer defines the face and matches the color scheme well, and brows simply brushed out to their full thickness with a tinted brow gel helped punctuate the overall fierceness I was going for (and definitely ended up with). Lips were left bare, as I felt the natural pink hue of my lips matched perfectly well, and anything other than a clear gloss or perhaps a pinkish-nude demi-matte lipstick would’ve been overwhelming and just a tad too much. I topped with my usual mattifying translucent powder and I was ready to roll with a sultry and alluring autumnal makeup look that would make me the prettiest thing at the Thanksgiving feast…besides all the food, of course.

H (1)

So what do you think of this look? Would you ever try it? Do you have this or any Morphe palette? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments down below, as always I’d love to hear from you!


-Helene sig flowers

All images belong to me
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