Fall Makeup Look ~ Bonfire 🔥 

Fall Makeup Look ~ Bonfire 🔥 ~ Flaming Eyes and Pink Lips & Cheeks 


Hey there, beauties! 

I’m here this evening with another fall makeup look for you guys! I’ve got a few more fall makeup looks waiting to be posted before I move on to winter looks. So now I’ll showcase the hottest look in my autumn makeup repertoire this season. I call it “Bonfire”.


Sorry for the weird shadow on this but I was having a tough time getting full-face shots of this look for some reason


I got the Morphe 350-2 Second Nature Palette for my birthday back in mid-October, and since then I’ve used it to create multiple looks. I really love it and it is pretty much the perfect palette for me. I will probably post a (really late) review of this palette at a later date, but for now, I just have one of the thousands of possible color combinations that you can put together using the palette.




I named this look “Bonfire” for pretty obvious reasons–not only is the name keeping with the wonderful autumnal spirit of the season, but this literally looks like flame! With a shimmery ombré rainbow of yellow gold-to-orange-to-red, fluttering dark eyelashes lifting towards the sky like black smoke, and a touch of subtle pink at the lips and cheeks to add a slight warm flush, this look is hot as hell and sure to burn bright all through the night.




As I said, I used the Morphe 350-2 Second Nature Palette for the bulk of the lewk, namely, the fiery eyeshadow. I also used NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner in “Vivid Halo”. I believe that the thin line of electric yellow color right at the lash line really brings a bright pop and interesting feel to an already smoldering look. The thick fluttery eyelashes are achieved with one of my favorite mascaras, this Laura Gellar GlamLash Dramatic Volumizing Mascara. This adds a delicate curl, lots of lift, subtle volume, and imparts a lovely soft black tint. This is definitely one of my top three favorite prestige mascaras, and I’m sure I will do a full-scale review of those three mascaras at a later date.




This look is actually more simple than it might appear to be, albeit a tad more complicated than most everyday looks. It does require a fair few shadow shades, so read carefully and then possibly attempt it for yourself!



First, you’re going to sweep “Orb”, a matte medium warm nude, over the inner half of lid. Next, sweep “Ablaze”, a matte deep burnt orange shade, over outer half of eyelid, blending where it meets “Orb” for a seamless transition.



Next step calls for you to dust “Sauce”, a shimmery vibrant orange shade, into middle of crease with a “C”-shaped eyeshadow brush. Then you’re going to dust “Pure”, a glimmery light gold shadow, into the inner part of crease, blending seamlessly into “Sauce”. Then, brush”Ruby”, a shimmering bright red tint, into outer corner of crease, blending seamlessly into “Sauce”.



As a tip, I usually suggest to swirl a clean fingertip into the shadow and gently tap it onto the corresponding spot on the lid, blending it in. This allows for the colors to be more pigmented and easily distinguishable from each other.



After you’re done with the shadow, use a bright yellow liquid liner to draw a thin, delicate line over the lash line for a bright pop of color. It really lightened my brown eyes and was just an oh-so-flattering little detail that really helped this lewk shine.



For the rest of the face, I simply brushed out the brows with a tinted brow gel, giving a more wild and untamed appearance that went well with the overall look. A blush pink tinted lip balm and a light dusting of matching pink powder blush adds a lovely flush of warm color without detracting from the busy and bright fiery eyes.



My darling boyfriend even helped out with this one! He took these two pictures here! Pretty good, no? Not bad for a rookie! He is so sweet to help me with my work.

H (1)

So what do you guys think of this look? Do you think it’s hot as hell, or too hot for you to trot? Uhm I just made that last part up but you essentially get what I mean. Let me know how you like this fire-inspired makeup look or just tell me your weekend plans! As always, can’t wait to hear from you~


All images belong to me
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8 thoughts on “Fall Makeup Look ~ Bonfire 🔥 

    • Helene (AngelSpartaness) says:

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and absolutely no you are not weird! I wore this same yellow eyeliner all through summer and I love the idea of bright yellows, oranges, and reds for summer! This look would be just as perfect and gorgeous in summer as it is currently in fall, excellent idea xx


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