My {Awesome} Fall & Winter Boot Collection 

My {Awesome} Fall/Winter Boot Collection


Hi all, and happy Friday~

I hope you all had a great week! I had a pretty good one myself. It really flew by, so much so that I meant to post this on Monday and, well, here we are! Yesterday I had a short road trip/day trip with my boyfriend’s niece who is just a few years younger than me, we get along well and it was pretty fun. So yeah, I have a little bit of an excuse for slacking.

No worries though, as winter is just beginning, there is still plenty of time to appreciate this post and within, these lovely pieces of footwear. I speak of course of my awesome, enviable cold weather boot collection. I say “enviable” because there are a few “one-of-a-kind” pairs in here…that is, pairs that’ll either be a bit tough to find without scouring the internet, or that you just don’t see often and are quite unique! Or so I’ve been told. So without further ado, here is my spectacular boot collection!


Off-white Trendy Pair



This pair I got from Rue21 about 3 and some odd years ago, for about $30, I believe. The pattern, (I’m not sure what it’s called but to me it looks like it’d be called “cushion stitching”, or “quilted stitching” or something like that), was quite on-trend at the time, and the style has aged well, still looking good and garnering compliments to this day. They are off-white in color with buckles, zipper, and short thick heel. They go well paired with leggings and a long, oversized baggy sweater in black, jewel tone, or matching cream. These are very comfortable and warm to wear, and just exude a cozy vibe to me. Though they have seen some wear, I think it gives them a cool, worn, vintage-y appearance. This is definitely one of my favorite pairs.




The Santa Sneaks


This is another pair I got from Rue21 for about $30. I was initially attracted to these because I love that they are technically two pairs in one. That’s quite a bargain. As you can see, they have a buckle decoration, a zipper, and an off-white, wool-like fabric inside. Undoing the zipper and folding down the top part of the shoe reveals a fashionable fur cuff look. Of course, if you need more protection from snow or rain, or if you just prefer it, they look excellent zipped all the way up, as well. They have a short heel, my favorite. These boots look awesome with leggings or skinny jeans.

Buckled and Black




This is probably my most intriguing pair, and one of my favorites. They are black, covered in buckles, and so chic. They are kinda dominatrix-style, and work as an accessory in and of themselves. They are clearly covered in buckles, (can you tell yet that I’m partial to buckles on my boots?), and have a medium, chunky heel. This is the highest heel I have on any of my boots, and it’s about as high as I like. I don’t usually go for high-heeled shoes, I just don’t really like them much. I love the slightly stretchy fabric on the back of these but they aren’t totally forgiving–you have to wear these boots with skinny-legged jeans or leggings because otherwise they’re a tight fit, as they are quite narrow. These were about $20 at Charlotte Russe, if I’m remembering correctly, but I could be wrong because I bought them like 4 or 5 years ago. The heels and soles have long since went out, but I had them replaced, and they are good as new and sure to last a long while, which is great because I love these boots!




The Gold Studded Crosses




I absolutely adore this pair. I got them from Citi Trends for a mere $20 and these are honestly my most complimented pair, (the runner-up being either the off-white trendy pair above, or a bow-covered black pair you’ll see below). The design is beautiful without being too overly intricate. I love crosses as a pattern, and metallic gold is perhaps my favorite accent color. Studs are also stylish, and the black part of the cross is velvet, which is a nice textural contrast to the faux leather look. Again we see a rounded toe and short heel on this pair, I sense a pattern, don’t you?




Black & Basic




Everybody needs a plain pair of basic black boots, and these are mine. They are simple and perfect for every day, any day wear. In fact, these are the boots that I find myself pulling on the most whenever I have to leave the house. They just go with anything and everything! I like how they are knee-high, round-toed, and short-heeled, and I love the simple leather look. These will protect your feet in snow, rain, and cold. They go best with literally anything! I’ve worn these with skirts, jeans, leggings, dresses, you name it. I honestly cannot remember where I got these from or when, but it was probably Charlotte Russe, probably anywhere from 3-4 years ago, and they were anywhere from $20 to $30. That is entirely unhelpful but I just can’t remember with this pair!




Camel & Basic




What does everyone need right after a pair of basic black boots? A pair of basic brown boots! These are more like deep camel colored but eh, they are the only brownish pair that I own. I got them for $20 last year from Charlotte Russe, because I realized that I didn’t have a single pair of brown boots! That simply would not do. While these are super cute, they are admittedly not my favorite pair. I love the way they look, but they aren’t the most comfortable. Though I’ve had them for almost a year, they still feel as if they haven’t been broken in entirely when I wear them. The toe is slightly pointed but still mostly round, they kind of remind me of what a wood elf might wear in an enchanted forest somewhere. The heel isn’t my favorite, it’s short like I like but I’m not the biggest fan of this particular style of heel. I do enjoy wearing these boots, though, because they are quite stylish. Though black goes with everything, these boots do open up slightly more outfit opportunities. I especially adore the length, these are slightly over-the-knee which is so hot to me.




Grey and Sophisticated




This is another relatively new addition, I got these for $20 at Charlotte Russe last year, in the same transaction as the basic camel pair above. I absolutely adore these boots. They have a suede-like fabric that is so snazzy and sophisticated, but unfortunately unforgiving. I can usually only wear these with skin-tight leggings, otherwise I have a tough time zipping them up. Yet another rounded toe and short-medium chunky heel, these boots are not only elegantly stylish but also quite comfortable to wear. I love the slightly above-knee length as well as the heather grey color, and will you just peep the back of those boots? Loving the zipper and style on the back, j’adore.




Black and Bows




Last but certainly not least, these black beauties are some of my top favorite boots to wear. They are adorable, with the perfect length, toe shape, and heel size/shape that I prefer in my boots. They are simple and plain from the front, but, when viewed from the back, that’s where their design really starts to shine. The bows are cutesy and unique without being over the top or in your face. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of these in every imaginable color. They go with everything and are just so stunningly fashionable and lovely that I feel so lucky I spotted them and copped them! At Rue21 for like $25, no less!

H (1)


So what did you think of my fall/winter boot collection? Is it truly awesome and enviable or are they nothing special? What’s your favorite pair of mine that I featured here? Your least fave? Do you have any that are similar to any of these? Do you like buckles, bows, studs, or crosses? Let me know what you think in the comments down below, as always. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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2 thoughts on “My {Awesome} Fall & Winter Boot Collection 

    • Helene (AngelSpartaness) says:

      Thank you for your kind comment, Laura! My boots have surprisingly lasted fairly long, but a few have needed the heels/soles replaced. Definitely worth the relatively small cost to get to wear these adorable fashionable boots for years! Especially when I got them at such a great steal. Those are two of my faves, especially very and sophisticated which are probably my 2nd fave behind black and bows. Xx

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