10 Perfect Fall Lip Colors 

10 Perfect Lip Colors for Autumn and Beyond

Hi all!

I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday! I’ve got a pretty short and sweet post for you this evening, but it will be fun. My favorite makeup to wear is definitely lips, as anyone who knows me or follows me has probably figured out by now. You’ve also probably realized that I absolutely adore fall makeup colors. They usually echo the lovely hues of autumn that surround us during this time of year. I have over 60 lipsticks, glosses, liquids, and stains, so I combed through and chose 10 lip colors that are perfect for this season. They are also pretty flattering, at least I think, so you should be able to find at least one shade that you might care to try. Not to mention that they are all affordable, and none will cost you more than $10. Fair warning, these lips are a little sloppy, but you just try doing 10 mostly matte, very drying lipsticks in one sitting, you’d start getting a bit sloppy, too.




NYX Lip Lingerie “French Maid”



I’m just loving the matte mauve lip trend. I didn’t much care for it at first, nor did I think it would last this long, but I’m glad it’s staying around now. The NYX Lip Lingerie is a pretty great product, too, so you’ll see it featured here a few times. Some of the shades can be a bit patchy but overall I like the coverage and the longevity. Plus, I don’t know if they updated their formula, but the first time I bought one of these was different from the second time. As in, the second time was better because they seemed to be way less drying.




NYX Lip Lingerie “Cabaret Show”



Another Lip Lingerie, this one is a lovely dusky nude. It is a universally flattering shade, if you ask me, and very alluring.




NYX Lip Lingerie “After Hours”



Yet another Lip Lingerie, this one slightly follows down the path of the brown lip trend. It has purple-y tones but it is still a warm chocolate-y lip that I think looks beautiful by itself or paired with a chic black cat eye.




NYX Soft Matte Lip Crème “Budapest”



I’m actually kind of bummed that this pic turned out so blurry and just not good because I am in love with this shade. I need to buy like 10 of them because I could literally wear it every day. It’s a muted neutral pink-red, and I personally adore the way it pairs so beautifully with my skin tone and hair color. But I can definitely see this being uber flattering on all skin tones and hair colors, (for example, if you’re blonde and fair I can imagine this being too pretty on you, and this would pop elegantly against deep complexions, etc.), It’s really just a pretty shade.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème “Emotion”


My boyfriend’s niece gave me this one to keep because she didn’t like the way it looked on her. She is very fair with freckles and bright red hair, so I can see this washing her out a bit, but on me it is a perfect blood red. The warm orange tones underneath make this fall perfect, and oh so glamorous without being too dramatic or intimidating. This is my first time trying this product or any Milani product at all, and I am highly satisfied. Not only is the color pigmented and the coverage perfect, but it smells delicious—just like vanilla, or a sugar cookie. Some people don’t like super scented lips and I usually don’t either, but I certainly don’t mind when it smells this amazing. This lippie stays forever, too, and doesn’t come off on anything, (in fact, it was a little tough to take off at the end of the day), so it is perfect for an afternoon coffee date.




Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color “Mauve Outta Here”



It isn’t a real lippie post until I rave about my favorite line of cheap drugstore demi matte lipsticks. I’ve literally collected them all, and so many are gorgeous and flattering shades. This is just the first that is magnificent for autumn, as the bright purple-pink will pop against any warm, dark, or earth toned outfits and accessories.



Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color “Wine Room”



Another of my fave demi matte lipsticks, and one of my absolute top favorite shades of all time. This bold muted pink is so pretty, I feel like a 12 whenever I wear it.



Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color “Cinnamon Spice”



As if the name doesn’t clue you in to how absolutely fall fabulous this lipstick is, the image certainly will. Though not my neatest lip look, that does nothing to detract from the gorgeous hue. This is honestly one of the most elegant reds I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of a kitchen spice, in the best way. I need more excuses to wear this red but honestly, do you ever need an excuse to wear a red lip?




ULTA Matte Lipstick “Petal”



Like a petal, this shade is soft and pretty. It is a delicate mauve-nude that some may argue is actually my personal “perfect nude” because it is just a few shades darker than my natural lip color. While I agree, I personally prefer my nude lippies to be more tan/beige, but nonetheless I love this lip color. Perfect for if you want to top off a more intense eye look, or if you’re going for a natural look and just want a quick swipe for some lovely natural color.





ULTA Matte Lipstick “Sweet Caramel”



This is a sweet and flirty nude, definitely more my speed of nude, for sure. It is a soft shade with just a subtle touch of color. This one, as well as “Petal” above, both have a velvety and smooth, moisturizing feel. They aren’t great for long wear, but they’re wonderful for comfortable wear, as well as a cute and quick way to delicately top off any look or outfit, fall or otherwise.






Here are all of the products, should you need a visual guide to help find them or a similar shade from a different brand!



So what did you guys think of this post? Are there any lippies here that you would love to try, or that you think you’d look great in? What’s your favorite? Do you like matte liquid lipsticks and demi matte lipsticks, or are you more of a balm or gloss kind of person? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below, as always, can’t wait to hear from you. Xx



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12 thoughts on “10 Perfect Fall Lip Colors 

  1. Ariel W says:

    Absolutely love this post! Stumbled across your blog from a comment on someone else’s and loving your content thus far. I’m more of a gloss than a lipstick girl, but this inspired me to pick up a couple of the pink ones. Especially love that you included pictures of you wearing them–it’s SO nice to see the shades on someone with a skin tone similar to mine, so I have an idea of how they’ll look on me. Would you consider doing a post on your favorite lip glosses? 😉 Thanks for this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Helene (AngelSpartaness) says:

      This is such a nice comment, thank you for all your kind words, Ariel! I definitely like adding my own pics of the products on me whenever possible, it gives a really realistic look at it, and of course people who have similar skin tone to me can see how it might look on them! I would do a post on my fave lip glosses whenever I acquire more than 1 of them, haha! Thank you for reading and commenting, love x

      Liked by 1 person

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