My Life Goals for 2018


My Realistic Life Goals & Resolutions for 2018


Hi there, everyone!


Wow, we haven’t spoken since before the new year and the holidays! Well, luckily I don’t have much to catch up on with you guys. Life has plodded on, and I had blissfully normal and uneventful holiday celebrations with loved ones, so I won’t drone on about that. Literally there’s just not much to share! Christmas was family, food, and gifts, and New Year’s was just chillin’ with my man and drinking and relaxing. See? Nothing much.

I wanted to come back after a few week’s long hiatus with a really good post and I wanted to start off 2018 with a positive and productive bang, so I am pretty much able to accomplish those things with this blog post.

So I suppose we don’t really need too much of an intro or ado or what have you before we dive in. The title is pretty self-explanatory, I simply wanted to share some of my more realistic and serious life goals (“resolutions“, if you will) that I have for 2018. I’m sure you all have read your fill of these types of posts and then some by now, so I won’t take it too seriously or go into too much depth, but there will be length. Sure you’ll see the obligatory health goals and the entirely predictable “get-my-shit-together” plans, but I think I still have some interesting tidbits in here.


WARNING: This is gonna be long as fu– and all about me so if you’re bored easily, read something else (jk).







Let’s start with my work life, shall we? Seems like a reasonable enough place to start, especially since it will automatically provide a perfect explanation for my few week’s absence I’m coming back from.

A lot of my readers may remember that I love playing video games and I usually game for several hours a day. And if any of you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat then you probably know that over the past few months I’ve recently began streaming my gameplay. I will go into more detail about my streaming and my channel and my plans with that in a separate post, but for now I just wanted to briefly touch on it, as I haven’t even mentioned my streaming on this blog, I don’t think. If I have, I definitely haven’t elaborated, but I plan to because it’s a pretty fun new venture of mine.

Long story short, I started streaming, I realized I really enjoyed streaming, I researched streaming cams and found a highly recommended one on sale so I got a pro cam, I started streaming with the cam, my channel started growing bit by bit, I realized I wanted it to keep growing, and yeah. That’s basically it.


“If something needs doing, start doing it, keep doing it, and don’t stop doing it until it’s done.”


Starting next week, this coming Monday, I’m officially following a streaming schedule! I will be streaming Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for at least 3 hours, although I’m not sure about exact times yet. Hopefully within a month or so I’ll just fall into a pattern or otherwise figure out what times are best for viewership and best for me personally, but for now I’m being pretty lax with the exact timeframes.

I’m hoping to just keep streaming video games and have a fun channel because I really enjoy doing it. As of last time I checked, which was earlier today, I had about 500+ views and nearly 60 followers which isn’t so bad seeing as I just started using the cam and taking it semi-seriously and doing it semi-frequently. So just imagine what could happen if I buckled down and improved on that! Well, that’s what I plan on doing in 2018 with my gaming is just keep streaming and growing my channel.





Well now I think four paragraphs is quite enough to talk about my gaming and streaming aspect of my work (yes, I now consider it work as it will probably take up at least 12-16 hours of my time each week and it could be monetized, though that isn’t my core goal with it). After all, most of my dear readers came here for the pretty lifestyle aspects of my blog, you guys don’t want to hear me go on and on about video games, cool as they are. So let’s talk about this blog, why don’t we?

My point of talking about my streaming first and at length is because that’s pretty much the reason my blog has been slacking. Though I’ve still been brainstorming and typing up drafts like crazy, the posts had slowed down. My streaming isn’t completely to blame, however, as I mentioned I only just got the cam and started getting kinda serious with it in late November.

Alas, the holidays and all of their obligations and frivolities also aided in the disappearance of blog posts, as well as my own lack of motivation and my focus on the aforementioned streaming and my Instagram as well. It seems that when we take up new activities, some of the old ones may well fall to the wayside while we get acclimated, at least that’s how it is for me.




Luckily, it is all temporary. Consider this my official return from my holiday hiatus. Before looking ahead to the future, let’s take a brief moment to recall and appreciate how good a year 2017 was for my blog. After all, it did start in spring of 2017! It wasn’t a bad year, only fault was my own lack of posting on it and working on it but  I’m going to talk about how I’m going to rectify that. And honestly, for about 8 months, 55 posts and 115+ followers ain’t so bad at all! Here’s to reaching 1000 followers or more this year!

Some of you earlier followers may remember that for a very, very, verrryyy brief time I had a posting schedule for my blog, which quickly got whittled down before suddenly disappearing. I was hesitant to give myself a posting schedule again but I feel like my mind and spirit are in the right place for it and in 2018 I’m hoping to have a bit more structure in work and life while also taking it a bit easier on myself (more on that later). So also starting next week, this coming Monday week after next, Monday after next, (AN: revised, I got sick right after posting this and couldn’t start this week. Sorry guys!) I will also have a posting schedule for my blog.

As I said, I was really reluctant to stick myself with a posting schedule again, especially since I’ve flopped at it so spectacularly in the past, so I decided to make it really nice and easy and say that you all can expect new blog posts from me on Mondays and Wednesdays. These are two of the week days that aren’t being used by my streaming, and it’s the beginning of the week as well as hump day, which are two important and invigorating days. In my opinion, anyways. I get super motivated on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m one of the few people in the world who doesn’t hate Mondays, not even when I worked a 9-5, believe it or not!

Now this isn’t to say that I won’t be posting on other days, I very well might, if the inspiration or mood strikes me. Honestly though, I don’t want to fall through with yet another mucked up posting schedule so I’m starting 2018 off nice and easy with a nice and easy goal of 2 blog posts per week. At that rate I now have post plans to last me ’til the end of June damn near but hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, now is it? My problem isn’t ideas, it’s getting those ideas published on my blog in a timely manner, and I fully intend to rectify that this year.


“How can I be bored when there’s so much to do?”


As for the posts themselves and the content of my blog, expect to see a bit of a shift on that. Well, perhaps “shift” isn’t the best wording there. I mean to say that I intend to expand my content in terms of topics, categories, and the like, not just the number of posts. I hope to add a few more categories throughout the year, (for example, having a “Travel” category by or shortly after summer is a goal of mine), as well as padding out some of the, ahem, roomier topic categories. Ya’ll ever notice how my “Beauty” and “Lifestyle” topics have 20+ posts yet “Fashion”, “Fitness”, and “Media” only have 3, 1, and 1, respectively? Ever wondered about that?

Well I haven’t. I know exactly why those categories are lacking in posts. For starters, I’ve hated my wardrobe and body for all of 2016 and about 80% of 2017. It was only very recently and after much thought and other practices (more on that later) that I started enhancing my self-love and appreciating my body. A healthy haul of new clothes reinvigorating my wardrobe didn’t hurt. Combine those factors and you’re left with the result: expect many more fashion posts this year, and you bet your ass there will be a blog post showcasing my 20+ crop top collection this summer (yeah, not even exaggerating here) that’s been gathering dust because of low self-esteem. Well not anymore! I shouldn’t be afraid to model and post fashion posts because there’s nothing wrong with my body at all! So that’s one comfort zone I’m stepping out of this year—on Instagram, this blog, and real life.

The “Fitness” topic is also lacking, for much the same reason. I don’t have extensive knowledge on fitness and exercise and I’m nowhere near a professional, but for all my years and experience with working out, playing sports, going to various physical therapy, and just my general understanding of various aspects of exercise, I could still share useful tips and offer interesting blog posts about fitness. Again, I shouldn’t doubt myself in this area, so expect more gym selfies and fitness posts, mayyybe even short weight lifting and yoga vids.





And finally, the “Media” topic. You guys have probably seen me make several references to various forms of media such as video games, movies, shows, music, and pop culture (which I’m just grouping with media for now because why not). But I haven’t spoken really at length about any of these or posted anything that was solely and strictly media-oriented because, well, I guess I didn’t want to tarnish the pretty “lifestyle” look and vibe of the blog. But that’s rubbish, if I want to talk about Game of Thrones, Fortnite, or review movies and shows I’ve seen recently, I should do it. Even if some of you guys won’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Sure, there will be popular, mainstream, and well-known media mentioned here plenty, but I fully expect there to be a firm presence of more obscure media, so if you don’t know it or don’t like it or just don’t care, skip right on over it. Won’t hurt my feelings, guys! Just read what you do like, that’s what I’m here for.

And of course in the “Media” section I plan on writing about and possibly reviewing some books. I fell off the reading train in 2017 and read a whopping ZERO BOOKS (cover to cover) save for a few pages here and there, which is especially abysmal after reading like over a dozen books each in 2015 and 2016, as I worked where I was able to read a lot. Seriously, my “To Read” list is long and I plan on reading a lot in 2018, educational as well as entertainment. And probably a fair number of electronic magazines as well, as magazines are one of my guilty pleasures and I want to decrease my environmental footprint, thus the electronic part.

Oh, and I’m not sure that podcasts count as reading, but I do plan on picking those up in 2018. Not too much, though, as I have so much I’m subscribed to now over various platforms that I have a tough time keeping up with as it is, so I’m reluctant to add more to that pile. But, my boyfriend did just show me a really cool podcast that is basically all about very educational world history, and I love world history, so for shiggles I plan on at least listening to that podcast this year, most likely while multitasking, even if I don’t pick up any more podcasts than that.


“Don’t be lazy.”



As for the Instagram aspect of my work, there’s not much new there. I finally broke the 1000 follower landmark on my Instagram and that made me really happy. However, I did become kinda disenchanted by Instagram over this past year. With all the crazy algorithm changes, shadow bans, and botting, I really started feeling iffy about the vibe I was getting from the platform. While I’m not willing to give it up entirely because I put so much work into it and I still like doing a good job on it, it is definitely now towards the bottom of my list in terms of what’s important to me.

That shouldn’t translate into my content, however, as I still plan on putting out only quality content on my Instagram. Plus, my Instagram work is literally the easiest and most simple of the four current aspects of my work (the other three of course being this blog, my books, and the newest addition, my gaming stream channel), so I don’t have much cause to give it up. It feels like a chore a lot but I still get enjoyment out of it for now and it has yet to fully suck out my soul, so it stays.

My goal for my Instagram is to have 5000 followers or more by the end of this year! Some people see it as a small goal, others see it as a tall order, I think it’s attainable. I won’t have a posting schedule for Instagram because that would just drive me nuts but I’m maintaining a soft posting schedule of a few (3-4) times per week, for now at least. I won’t beat myself up if I do not reach that every week though.





And finally, my books. Some of you may know that I’m very secretive about my main work, my series of 4 fantasy fiction novels that I have been working on for a really long time. Well that hasn’t changed, I’m still plodding along with that, secretive as ever. I planned on having the first draft of the first book done by the end of 2017 but clearly that did not happen for various reasons I don’t wish to get in to. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I could finish it by summer, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m extending my own personal deadline to the end of 2018 and if I manage to finish before then, well then praise Jebus, it’s a miracle. I’m still private about my books but I can tell you guys a few things I decided about my novel series in 2017:

  1. I decided to increase the number of books from 3 to 4. It was too much for 3 books and I’d rather re-think my story a bit and have 4 reasonable novels than go with my original outline and have 3 giant tomes of rushed plot mish-mash. I realized that if my story was going to stand out and have a chance of succeeding, I have to world build, which is proving to take a lot of research and time, naturally.
  2. I decided to not seek publication until I have the drafts of the first 2 books done, which I’m hoping to present together. I’m sure this practice isn’t that odd or far-fetched, and I have a few reasons behind this decision, but nothing I feel like sharing. This just means that it’ll probably still be quite awhile before my books are available, and I’m fine with that. Can’t rush art.
  3. Probably the biggest and oddest decision of them all, I decided after much contemplation and deliberation to release my first novel series under a pseudonym. I plan on addressing topics of modern-day media and privacy at length in other posts in the near future, and I, again, really don’t feel like going too much into this, just know that it wasn’t an easy decision, and I’m mainly doing it because I value my privacy. Whether the books make it to the best seller list or do nothing but gather dust in a 99 cent bin somewhere, for reasons I’m not ready to divulge, I’m not yet sure I want people to know that that work is mine. (But I will take the money for it, no question, lol.) Again, this might change in the future. But for now, that’s how I feel. I’ll keep you peeps updated.






Onto the second half of this whole, you didn’t think I had forgotten about more general life goals, did you? No, I still have plenty of resolutions that don’t have a lot to do with my work, but rather, just life in general.

Health- and fitness-wise, I decided that I want to stop putting a number on my fitness goals. Mainly that has to do with my weight. We have all probably heard that there’s more to health than weight and that weight is just a number, but do we actually listen? I didn’t, ’til now. I honestly thought I might’ve had some form of undiagnosed body dysmorphia because I used to see myself as borderline repulsive, when I’m simply not.

In 2018 I want to continue on my journey of self-love. I wish to keep practicing yoga several times per week because I love yoga and everything about it, mostly the way it makes me feel. I want to keep strength training and hopefully increase the weights that I lift and just use that and cardio to keep getting fitter and stronger, and feeling better.

Another health goal is to get insurance and go to the damn doctor, dentist, and gyno for check ups. I haven’t been to any of those or any clinic at all in over a year, since I quit my job and lost that insurance and moved to a new state and had no effing idea how to go about getting decent insurance that doctors in this area will accept. That was something I was procrastinating on but no more, not in 2018. I’m getting that done! Besides a bad cold that was itself over a year ago, and a current mysterious centralized soreness in my throat that’s already receding, I’ve felt pretty healthy and haven’t had any issues, but that doesn’t excuse me putting it off, nor does it change the fact that I need these check ups in order to be a healthy and responsible adult.




Segueing seamlessly from physical to mental health, I have a few goals for that, too. I’ve briefly mentioned a few times that I have my fair share of mental and emotional hurdles I have to overcome, and like most flawed humans, I haven’t always done the best job at handling my problems.

Well in 2017 I definitely learned a bit more about myself and also learned a few effective, healthy tactics I could use to combat some of my problems. Eating well and exercising always serves to improve my mood and bad feelings, as does doing things I enjoy, relaxing, spending time outside, etc.

One goal of mine for this year is to keep expanding on that knowledge of how to become a more happy, complete, and at-peace individual, from the inside out. Some of you may know I already dabble in meditation, I plan on doing that more as well. In a similar vein, I’ve always put a lot of stock into energies and the energy of the universe and chakras, but never did more than just inwardly believe in it and try to steer my life into a plane of more positive energy.


“You must create your own happiness”


In 2018 I’m continuing this journey and, as hippie-dippie as this sounds, I’m going to continue to seek out the peace and fulfillment that I believe is abundant in nature and in the universe. Yoga, meditation, spending time outside amongst nature, these are all ways that I ground myself and how I connect to that part of me, how I imbue myself with that positive energy I speak of. I definitely plan on adding crystals and aromatherapy to that. These are both things I’ve very briefly dabbled in before, and they will be making a comeback this year.

Naturally, I’m sure I’ll write about it on here for you all to see. I really want to spend more time this year and in coming years just being at peace and happy and appreciating the many blessings, big and small, that comprise my life. I haven’t always done that, but I’m making a huge push to do it from here on out, especially since I’ve already begun and I’ve tasted how wonderful and fulfilling it can be.





I think that, besides a few random and standalone goals here and there, that just about covers it. Of course I want to be more organized, more productive, more well-rounded of a human being. I want to be kind and just and good. I want to treat those I care about well and be giving and selfless. All those things. But those are the obvious ones, that kinda go without saying. The last few actual goals I want to point out are more like activities, so I’ll just list them.

  • I had a tremendous skill in my younger years that I let slide, and that’s a shame. It was of course the ability to play a musical instrument. Like, how cool is that? And I just stopped and all but forgot about it? No way. Sometime this year, I hope to buy a flute and some sheet music and just casually re-teach myself to play and have it as a hobby. Being able to play an instrument is an awesome skill, I was lucky to have it! I shall have it again, as I’m sure I retained some of my almost 7 years of playing the flute.
  • I had another tremendous skill in the making, this one more recent. On and off for a couple of years before I recently moved away, I had lessons a few times a week with a sweet and kind young woman who would soon become (and still is) one of my very best friends. She is a Japanese native who now lives in the US, so our lessons were, what else? Japanese lessons. Japanese language and culture lessons, to be exact. Despite not being an actual teacher, my friend was very, very good at teaching! She managed to provide tons of really cool, easy-to-understand educational materials that really helped cement my learning. As such, I had an okay grasp on the language, and I was really good at reading and understanding it when it was spoken to me, (speaking the language myself was tougher but I could string some decent sentences together). Anyway, my point is, though over a year has passed and I’ve moved away, I still talk to my friend, and I still have all of the notes I took and materials she gave me! From graded papers, tests, and quizzes to worksheets she helped me fill out to cheat sheets and note cards she provided me to help me memorize things, I have several notebooks full of stuff and a bulging binder filled to the brim with great materials. I think, with some of her guidance over text, that I can probably continue teaching myself the language, and that’s just what I plan to do in 2018.
  • Speaking of learning new things, I have always been interested in learning some form of self-defense or fighting, such as boxing, kick boxing, martial arts, things of that nature. I would love to start taking adult classes and see if I can’t find a good class and instructor to guide me and help me learn some new things! It’s kind of out-there, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so why not?
  • I’ve considered starting a YouTube channel, especially when I was in high school, but I never got around to actually doing it. I wouldn’t mind doing some lifestyle or makeup vids on YouTube, as well as some gaming and streaming, but I haven’t actually decided if this is indeed something I want to do and keep up with. I’m a little concerned that this may go the way of my Instagram, which I like but am feeling uninspired by, and my Facebook page for this blog, which I literally don’t and never really did care about. I pretty much just created it to share my posts through Facebook and to make my Instagram account a business account but I never intended for the audience on that particular platform to grow too much. So yeah, not sure if I’ll do this yet, but if I do it’ll probably be this year.
  • I have a few other exploits I wish to pursue this year, one in particular that’s very exciting and kind of out of my comfort zone, but that is something I wish to keep a secret at this time. So stay tuned for that!

H (1)Well that was a lot, but I did warn you at the beginning! If you’ve made it this far, good on you. You really flexed those reading muscles today. So what do you think of my goals here, in life and work? How do they compare to your own? What are some of your goals and resolutions for this year? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you! I hope you all are having a magnificent, magical start to your new year, and I wish you luck, love, joy, blessings, peace, and happiness. Thank you all for reading, liking, sharing, following and sticking by your girl. xx


-Helene sig flowers

All images belong to me

One thought on “My Life Goals for 2018

  1. The Style of Laura Jane says:

    There are so many things to pick up from this post that I can relate too. I have been lazier with my Instagram because of the algorithm changes. My likes dropped rapidly and I hate how my newsfeed is no longer in order. It’s like twitter, I keep seeing the same posts from the same people because it shows me my supposed favourite accounts.
    Anyway, I wish you all the best with your novels. You should definitely not be afraid to post your fashion and fitness posts. This is your blog and the only person whose opinion should matter is yours.
    The gaming sounds really interesting as well. It’s great to see you back. x


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