Shimmer & Glitter ~ My NYE 2017 Makeup Look

Shimmer & Glitter ~ My New Year’s Eve Makeup Look 2017

Hey there, lovelies~


I hope you all had a great Monday and start to your week! Now I know that I said I was going to start my blog posting schedule last week on Monday, and I didn’t. Well I did mention last post that I wasn’t feeling well, and if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat then you’ve maybe seen me mention it a few times in my stories. I was feeling terrible up until a few days ago really and I wasn’t able to get this post ready or any post, really. I think this is my first time using sickness as an excuse not to post! I haven’t been sick in a while besides this weird one. My throat really hurt and it sapped my energy and my mood and made me really need rest, but I’m all better now and back with another makeup post for you guys. This one is more simple and low-key, but still glittery! Because honestly, what is New Year’s Eve without glitter?




So I really don’t have much to stay about this makeup look. Honestly, I have more nice photos of this look than I do words to talk about it. But that’s okay, I mean when it comes to makeup, it’s best to be visual, right?





I already described my New Year’s Eve experience in my last post, and there’s really no need to elaborate because it wasn’t super exciting. I had a great day and night of gaming, drinking, smoking, and relaxing with my boyfriend, which is all you can really ask for to ring in the new year. But even though we didn’t go to any party or go out at all, I figured that that was no reason to skip over doing a fun makeup look to ring in the new year.



This isn’t the most intricate or overdone makeup look, nor is it the most perfect, but I really like it as an understated and simple look for when you’re just staying in, which is exactly what I did. The lips are topped with a simple lip shimmer and cosmetic glitter, and the eyes are covered with a metallic liquid eyeshadow and more of the same glitter, framed by long, sexy, fluffy, jet black lashes. Then I have one of my favorite highlighters to add a cute shimmery pink-purple glow to the cheekbones, (which you can really see in this blurry photo below).




This is a really easy and quick makeup look that pretty much anyone can do in 5 minutes or less. For the eyes, I was wanting this liquid eyeshadow to stay long into the night, and I was hoping to help prevent it from flaking off too much before midnight could strike. So I used a simple matte nude eyeshadow primer to prep the eye for the makeup.

The Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art is a very fun product that comes with 2 products in 1, essentially. It includes the metallic liquid eyeshadow on one end and a matching glitter liner on the other. It is extremely easy to use, as the shadow comes with a sponge tip applicator like a liquid lipstick and you can very easily slide it on there for any shape or design that you want. The glitter comes with a regular liner brush with the thin hairs or whatever, but it is pretty thick so it grabs a decent amount of glitter from the tub. For this look, I used the shade “Cobalt Crystal”. I would recommend 2 to 3 coats of this, and allowing the previous layer to dry completely before adding the next one. This will allow the most opaque coverage and you won’t have to worry much about the color being patchy or pulling.



After you’re satisfied with the amount of color you have and the opacity, let the top layer dry only 75% of the way so it is still tacky. This way you can apply the pink glitter and it will stick quite well. I swirled a clean, regular eyeshadow brush into NYX Face and Body Glitter in “Rose”, then gently tapped it onto the middle of the lid and center of the crease area.

I wanted to make my lashes as long and thick as possible, so I used my ULTA Shade Enhancing Lash Primer in the blue tint. I like this primer because, not only does it work well, but under black mascara it makes my lashes appear sort of bluish-black, which matches my hair color. Then I simply coated my lashes in a few coats of my all-time favorite mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, to get that sexy length and volume and jet black color. I feel like that just perfectly punctuates this glittery yet understated look.



For the lips, I simply swiped on a couple of layers of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in “Strawberry”. I like this product as it is moisturizing like a lip balm, but adds more than a subtle wash of flattering color and a delicate, pretty shimmer finish. I have a few shades of this product and I have yet to find one that isn’t good, so I’d definitely recommend this. It stays slightly tacky like a lip balm, so like the eyes above, I just tapped the glitter around the lips and let it shine.




And then the highlighter is as simple as can be. I’ve raved about the NYX Duo Chromatica Illuminating Powder in “Crushed Bloom” multiple times in its own review and beyond so I won’t elaborate on it too much here. I just used a regular blush brush to brush a generous amount of this pretty iridescent shade on the area where the cheek meets the cheekbones, then I blended it and swiped it upwards a bit.



For the rest of the face, well with the lighting you can clearly see my usual powder is present. My skin was not doing too well at all, you can see black heads, white heads, and acne scars. But, as some of you may remember, I don’t usually wear face makeup like foundation or liquid makeup. I sometimes wear primer and I usually wear tinted SPF moisturizer or B.B. cream but here I’m not so my skin looks even worse than usual. You guys can use whatever face makeup you want, but here this time I just used concealer on the spots it was needed and under the eyes, banana powder under the eyes, and then my regular lightweight translucent powder over the entire face as a last step. My brows are their usual selves with simply a tinted brow gel holding them neatly and boldly in place.



Here are the swatches of the products used. As you can see, the Cobalt Crystal Eye Art is a surprisingly flattering metallic ice blue that looked mesmerizing on my brown eyes and would probably look spectacular on blue or grey eyes, as well.

The glitter liner side of the Eye Art is certainly not the best glittery product I’ve ever used, as you can see it goes on very thin and patchy with glitter lumping up in some areas and definitely not going on smooth or consistent. I’ve found this to be the case with pretty much all of my other Eye Art colors (I have 6 of them total), so it’s just saying something about the product more than anything, I think. It’s not really a big deal though as I have just been using the glitter liner part as, well, just that: an eyeliner. It adds an extra touch of sparkle and a bit of definition, even if, again, it isn’t the best glitter liner on the market by a long shot.

The Crushed Bloom Illuminating Powder is more delicate and can mostly be seen best in natural or strong light, so it works perfectly as a blush as well as a highlighter. I’ve spoken before about how the shade is pretty and flattering and that holds true to this day.

And finally, the Strawberry Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer, a pretty wash of feminine, light, cool pink with a shimmery finish that is reminiscent of the currently trendy 90s era of makeup and fashion. Topped with hot pink glitter, this lip goes from simply pretty to party ready.




If you haven’t noticed already, I also did my nails to match my makeup for the occasion! I used a medium blue ULTA shade for a base and sealed it with a pink glitter Sally Hansen shade to give it that sparkly essence that is clearly the core theme of this makeup look.H (1)Well that’s it from me today! Just giving you guys a closer look and a bit of details about my first makeup look of the new year! What do you beauties think? Is it indeed pretty, shimmery, and glittery? Do you like it? Would you ever wear something like this yourself? Let me know in the comments below, as always, I’d love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Shimmer & Glitter ~ My NYE 2017 Makeup Look

    • Helene (AngelSpartaness) says:

      You’re so kind to me, thank you! Perhaps I was too hard on myself there. And I really appreciate you saying that! In every day life, I usually favor just a good eyeshadow look or a bold lip, but some days I just love playing around with fun color combos and makeup looks, and I like to blog about those particular looks. So thank you for appreciating them, lovely x


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