3 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks for Any Date Plans


3 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks for Any Date Night Plans ~ From Staying In to Going Out



Hey there, loves!


I had to call you all “loves” because, as you all probably know, 10 days ago was Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a romantic, sweet, love-filled day with your sweetheart, your friends, or even just yourself!


Personally I had a really great, low-key Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. I started it by playing video games with him and then heading to the gym to do a good hard leg day, then came home to do two of these makeup looks and go nuts on photography! Admittedly, this is why I didn’t get this post to you guys earlier. I even ran out of daylight to photograph the 3rd look! And then my bf got off work and came home, and we commenced our Vday, and from there I just kinda slacked ’til now.


If you follow me on Insta then you may have seen me already showcase these looks in my story and posts, but now you can see all the photos (be forewarned, it’s quite a few), and get the usual deets and instructions for creating a similar look, like I usually provide. This time is no different, so without further ado, let’s get started!





For the first look, which I have dubbed xoxo, we have a sultry ombré color phase of hot pink to vibrant red, blended to a nearly seamless transition. The red eyeshadow is “Fire” from my Morphe 350-2 Second Nature palette, and the pink shade is from the Wet n Wild ColorIcon eyeshadow trio #336 “Spoiled Brat”.




To achieve this smoldering eye look, I first smeared a nude matte eye primer over the lid, then swept the pink shadow on to the inner half of the lid using a regular eyeshadow brush. Then I used a C-shaped eyeshadow brush to sweep “Fire” onto the outer half of lid, out into a slight angled cat-eye shape, and into the crease, to about the middle of the crease, blending well along the way.


Then I used a clean regular eyeshadow brush to blend out the entire lid, getting rid of seams in the transition and just giving it a well-blended shadow. With a look like this, with very bold and vibrant colors such as these, blending is key and I can’t stress that enough. I probably could’ve blended mine a little bit better but it looks alright here.


I then topped the eyes off with the sexiest mascara I own, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, for that volume, length, and dark color that looks so alluring and matches an eye style like this perfectly.


For the rest of the face, I simply did my usual under-eye concealer set with banana powder, a bit of medium warm bronzer to define the cheekbones, tinted fiber brow mascara, and then topped off with translucent powder. No liquid makeup, concealer, or foundation for me, because my skin was surprisingly decent without it all, but you can definitely use it here and I think it’d look fine. The lips were kept bare except for a bit of balm for a little bit of shine and hydration.

This look is definitely sultry and kinda sexy, with those bold colors on the eyes. But since the lips and the rest of the face are kept bare, it really isn’t over-the-top or too intimidating. I would wear this out to a club or a romantic night in.



Classic Romance


I dubbed this look Classic Romance because the shiny siren red lips, black fluttery lashes, and not-too-nude eyeshadow were the perfect combination of classic glamour and elegant romance. I love this look because, not only did it turn out overall prettier than I anticipated, but also because I was pleasantly surprised by the lippie itself!


See, for this gorgeous lip, I used Ulta Beauty Lip Gloss Stain in “Treason” for the first time. I got this product for free when I worked at Ulta as a free gift with purchase for something or another. I didn’t get to choose the product or the color, which certainly contributed to my hesitation to try it. Those of you that know me even a little know that this probably isn’t the product I would reach for if you gave me $10 and told me to go pick out a lippie. I love reds, but you guys may know by now that I’m not the most fond of lip glosses and I’m very iffy about stains. So a lip gloss stain, ehh, I was a little unsure about it.


But my doubts were quickly erased after the first swipe of this onto my lips. I immediately noticed how smooth and opaque it went on, no pulling and not patchy at all. The color was gorgeous and I loved the finish. It had the staying power of a stain (without being impossible to take off or actually staining my lips), but the shine of a gloss (without being too shiny, gloopy, or messy looking), and a blue-red color that made my teeth look so white and made my lips look so elegant.


I can’t rave enough, this blew my mind how nice this was. And Ulta products are verrryyy hit-or-miss with me. I have a lot and I’ve tried a lot, and I’m usually divided right down the middle on the products of theirs that I like versus the ones I don’t much care for. This lip gloss stain in “Treason” is firmly in the “Love It” section.


For the eyes, I used a nude matte eye primer and then swept a healthy amount of “Universal” from my Morphe 350-2 Second Nature palette on to the lid and blended it best I could. I topped it off with my close 2nd favorite mascara, bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara, to give the lashes a nice dark color and full look, complete with sky-scraping length. The mascara also gives a nice subtle definition around the lash line, so you can forgo liner if you wish. This look is best kept simple and classy, after all.


The rest of the face is the same as above, a simple under-eye concealer set with banana powder, the tinted fiber brow mascara, a bit of bronzer to define the bone structure and of course translucent powder to top it all off.


As I said, to me, this lewk elicits feelings of glamour and romance. I would definitely rock this for a fancy, candle-lit dinner or a show. LBD non-optional.


Be My Sweetheart


The final look was my original idea for a Valentine’s Day makeup look, before I got it in my head to do three. Unfortunately, I had so much fun photographing xoxo that I ran out of daylight to photograph Be My Sweetheart, (I did Classic Romance like 2 days ahead of time)!


I mean, as you can see, I still ended up with some pretty rocking photos of this final style, but I had to use the best lighting in my house, which is the master bedroom lighting, (debatably, sometimes the bathroom lighting is on point), which isn’t even that great. So, unlike these other photos which are not edited or retouched, these final photos of Be My Sweetheart are edited, mostly just cranking the brightness way up, tinkering with the contrast, fiddling with the highlights, etc. Stuff like that. As such, these aren’t great photos, and you’ll have to kinda go along with it using your imagination a bit.


For the eyes, I used Maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette, two shades: the left-most metallic peach shade on the 2nd row, and the 2nd from the right metallic magenta shade in the 2nd row. I simply used a regular eyeshadow brush to blend these two shades together and make a custom metallic pink shade that was perfect and sweet for this Valentine’s Day look. No fancy techniques here, all I did was blend my custom shade all over the lid and into the crease.


I then used one of my favorite eye products, Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art, in “Peach Prism”, the metallic liquid eyeshadow side, not the glitter liner side this time. I simply swiped a thin line of it right into the crease, to add a bit of shine, dimension, and of course a tacky surface for the pink glitter to cling to.


So I let the peach metallic shadow dry just a bit, then used a C-shaped eyeshadow brush to dust NYX Face and Body Glitter in “Rose” right there in the crease. Just like that, I had pink glittery eyes, perfect for Valentine’s. I topped the eye look with a few generous swipes of the trusty Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and the eyes were set!


As for the rest of the face, see above! It was all the same save for a few differences. For the face, specifically the cheeks, I used this cute little contouring blush palette from CoverGirl called Instant Cheekbones. It comes with 3 different shades of pink from medium to light and then white-pink, for use on apples for the classic flush, to define below the cheekbones, and to put on top of cheekbones for a highlighting effect.


I like this product sometimes, if I’m in a blush mood, which isn’t very often. For this look however, it was exactly what I needed to achieve the perfect level of pink. It really gave a pretty and romantic flush to the cheeks, and I love that the shades of pink are subtle and flattering.


For the final touch, I needed a bit of pink lipstick, of course. I used Makeup Revolution Lipstick in “Enchant”, it’s a nice medium cool pink that was just the sweet shade I needed to complement the rosy tones on the rest of the face.

Just like that I was more glittery than a Valentine’s Day card. This is the look I ended up wearing the rest of the evening on Valentine’s Day, so I’d say it’s perfect for a night in, Netflix binge, or casual date.H (1)Well there you have it! Three very different, very beautiful Valentine’s Day inspired looks to fit any romantic date night plans you might have. Which one did you like the best? I’m partial to all of them, obviously, as they are all my own creations, but I must say that Classic Romance and xoxo are probably tied for my top favorite. That darling red lip on the former and the hot pink-red ombré eye on the latter are just too cool for school, if I do say so myself. Definitely flattering looks, the both of them, that I need to repeat soon. Anyways, I hope you all had a great day full of love! See you loves later~

-Helene sig flowers

♥All images belong to me♥

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