March Fitness Gear & Clothing Haul


March Fitness Gear & Clothing Haul

Hi all, happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m pretty good, for the most part, but I have been suffering from the worst period symptoms this past week, and I just want it to be over. The fatigue, the bloating, the cramps, the migraines… It is all borderline debilitating and just makes me feel overall blah, so I’m ready for it to pass.


Luckily, last weekend, I did do a bit of retail therapy to help keep my mind off of my suffering. Besides an almost $400 grocery trip, (we needed a lot, including a whole new round of eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and a round of hygiene products for both me and the man, so yeah that + empty pantry = expensive grocery trip), I also spent a couple hours shopping for myself!


I went in with the intention of only buying some skin care supplies, as I was out of pretty much everything. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I got the urge to try on some fitness clothes and, well, the rest is history. After trying on some 25 items, I finally walked out with five shirts, five pants, and two athletic bras–each item as cute as the last.



I haven’t always been someone to splurge on athleisure. Although I have referenced it before on this blog and have even lauded it as one of the great trends of our time, I must admit I haven’t paid much attention to my own collection of exercise clothes. I would wear a free t-shirt I got from donating blood to workout, for example, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I do also believe that having cute and quality workout clothes you can be proud of wearing can help motivate you at the gym. I’ve heard many people claim this, and I’m excited to actually test the theory myself just to be sure.

I’ll have to model these for you guys over time, maybe in another post showing off my entire athleisure collection. For now, I’m just gonna share some pictures of my fitness haul, plus a handful of items I ordered online a few weeks ago, so you guys can check it out. There’s more than just clothes here, too! I also got some gear, one of which was ordered from Amazon and that I’m super excited to try out and share in a separate in-depth review. Okay, without further ado, here’s my haul!


Exercise Armband



I ordered this Galaxy S7 Running & Exercise Armband from Amazon some time ago, and I’ve used it at the gym several times since. It has a key holder, which I haven’t employed yet but am always appreciative for, and a hot pink reflective strip, which is both cute and safe! It has a touchscreen-friendly cover and a hole for the headphone jack. It fits semi-comfortably, with a forgiving strap covered in sturdy Velcro, and it stays in place. It isn’t the most comfortable fit, and it feels kinda bulky and not secure, even though it is. I find it a bit distracting, but that is no fault of this particular product. I’ve always felt that way about exercise armbands, so that’s why I was so excited to get this next product.


Fanny Pack

Am I a dork for being uber-excited about this? As I stated earlier, the armband is not the most comfortable thing to wear. Honestly, it feels bulky with my phone in it, even though it looks and feels light in your hand and the phone itself is pretty light, as well. I’m always worried that it’s going to fall, because even when it’s tight, it still feels a little wobbly. So, although it hasn’t fallen off yet, it’s quite distracting.

Enter this fanny pack. Not only is it about the same color scheme as my arm strap (black with hot pink accents), but, spoiler alert, I love it!

I have been curious about trying one because apparently fanny packs are coming back in style. I actually like fanny packs, when done right, and stylish ones certainly have a place in current fashion times. Practical and stylish is an even better combination, and that’s exactly what this is. It is way more comfortable and feels way more secure to wear than the arm strap. It has an adjustable buckle, but the strap is also stretchy, so you have double the comfort and fit and you can adjust it whether you’re bloated or feeling thin or anything in between. I really like that, as it would be a shame if this didn’t fit well, especially since it’s at the waist/mid-section area and personally, that’s where I carry most of my weight and where I’m the thickest. So yeah, very impressed with the stretchy buckled strap.

The touchscreen is good, too, and it also has a fingerprint button so you can use the fingerprint unlock feature on your phone, should you have it like I do. The only downside to this is that, and this is totally my fault because I wasn’t paying attention, this fanny pack is for iPhones. My phone still fits in the fanny pack main pocket, secured with a zipper, just not the phone slot, so I can’t use the touchscreen. This is fine, because it still holds my phone and secures it and the headphones still fit through the hole.

I am easily able to unzip the main pocket of the fanny pack to reach my phone screen and skip a song, view a text, or end a (probably spam) call (I get at least 5 a day now), which are the main features I need to access on my phone while working out, and my headphones luckily have volume control and play/pause buttons on them.

A touchscreen would of course be ideal, so I could use the fingerprint unlock and the touchscreen without needing to open the fanny pack, but for now it actually works very well and conveniently for a product that’s not even meant for my phone! I’ll just need to keep my eyes peeled for one for a Galaxy S7, specifically.

Besides that, though, there is plenty of room in here for the phone, which fits in a separate pocket, and even a lip balm, keys, and credit card. This is a must-have for the gym or exercising outside, because it seems to be the most comfortable way to carry around the most essentials with you during your workout. Get a fanny pack, already!


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Hemp Yoga Strap


I won’t rave about this next item for half as long, because there isn’t nearly as much to say about it. I realized that I could probably use a strap for certain poses in yoga, and this $5 option in cute utilitarian green and made of environmentally conscious hemp is a good one. No complaints!


Foam Yoga Block


This yoga block was only $5, as well, and it should be! It’s just a rectangle of foam, after all. I decided to grab this because it’s pretty and well, I needed a yoga block. This one is pastel pink, one of my favorite colors, and if you look closely, you’ll spot the many yoga-related and relaxation-inspired words and terms, like “Namaste” and “Breathe”. Again, too cute.

Yoga Mat (pictured as the background for most of these pics)

This isn’t the most environmentally conscious or quality mat, and I definitely am still on the prowl for a good jute mat, but for now, I couldn’t pass up the adorable marble mat. You guys know I love that pattern, now I’m gonna be the most stylish yogi in the studio!

Brimma Insulated Water Bottle


This is the aforementioned purchase that I was too hype about! I read some of the reviews on Amazon and that is what really sold me on this. It is apparently very similar to the S’well water bottle, which is double the price. And you guys know by now that your girl loves to save a buck, or 20!

I actually really like this bottle. I’ve used it twice and have taken it with me to the gym twice now and it’s pretty much perfect for what I need. I love the size, it is easy to hold and it fits easily in the cup holder in the car, the cardio machines at the gym, and even in the mesh side pocket of my athletic bag, so that saves me a free hand while going to and from the gym.

I adore the marble print, and the overall design of the bottle. I have only used it for water, but I haven’t noticed a metallic or off taste at all. I still have to test this out with hot beverages, but it is supposed to keep coffee and tea piping hot for at least 6 hours, and that’s pretty exciting! So yeah, I’m thinking I can do an in-depth review of this once I’ve really tested out all of its capabilities but so far I am truly digging this bottle.


Same Shirt, Different Colors


 Ever have a shirt so cute and practical, you had to pick it up in three colors? Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened here. These were only $8 each, which I think is a steal because these are comfy, good quality, and fit perfectly, and did I mention they are cute? I’ve worn the pink shirt and the grey shirt so far, and they are both great.

I like the length and fit of the sleeves, in particular. This is something I sometimes have a problem with when it comes to workout shirts, as the sleeves can often be too tight, too short, or both, and it’s really distracting when you’re trying to work out, at least it is for me. And the neckline of these tees show the tiniest bit of my Mass Effect chest tattoo, so that’s fun.


Cute & Comfy Bras


These came together in a twin pack for about $13, if I’m remembering correctly, (you may have noticed a lack of exact prices or brand names, that’s because the receipt doesn’t say, and I already tossed all the tags, and not everything has a name clearly legible on it). I think that’s a good price for these because they are comfortable and great quality. They are supportive, but not too tight, and a cute pattern and colors that go with everything. I’m definitely taking the padding out and tossing it, I have no use for it, to be completely honest. These were in the active wear section but I personally don’t think they are great for getting soaked in sweat, so I’m thinking I’m going to use these mostly for yoga practices.


Workout Undies


I just realized how funny this one sounds, “workout undies”, teeheehee. But yeah, that’s essentially what they are. These are Champion Women’s Absolute Thong, and they are the solution to panty lines in leggings. There are virtually none when wearing these, they are very comfortable and soft and there’s good ventilation for when you’re getting all hot and sweaty. Plus they are a cute color, not that anyone would ever see. A 2-pack of these awesome thongs will only run you about $7 on Amazon, so not a bad deal at all. It looks and feels just like a small, thin little piece of fabric, and that’s pretty much what it is. But it delivers on its promise and is simple and effective.


Grey Tank Top w/ White Mesh


Just a very cute heather grey tank top with cool white mesh accents on the front chest area and the back. It fits well, loose but not too loose, and is comfortable and airy. I’ll use this for workouts for sure, but probably mostly yoga practices. I’m feeling tank tops lately for yoga, so I picked up a couple for that specific purpose.


Black Tank Top w/ Mesh Detail


Please ignore the copious amounts of cat hair on this tank top. Literally, it’s a ridiculous amount, but I have two cats and you guys know that so I know you’ll cut me some slack on the matter. Not much to say about this piece either, it’s just a simple, comfy, well-fitting black fitness tank top with cool mesh detail around the straps and on the back side. I feel similarly about this shirt as I do the one above, and this one is also mainly for yoga use. Hopefully I can manage to remove some of that cat hair before I wear this out for the first time, or else I might cause someone’s allergies to mess up!


Two Pairs of Perfect Pants


These two identical pairs of pants from Amazon are amazing. They are perfect for working out, and are plain black with strings at the waist and a tiny pocket on the inside to hold your house key or something. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I received them and washed them and finally got to try them on that they fit absolutely perfectly. The leg length is perfect to the centimeter, and the waist is also a perfect fit, not too tight or loose at all.

The overall fit is tight but not constricting, movement is not restricted at all in these, which is exactly how leggings should be, if you ask me. And at about $11 each, they are an absolute steal. I will probably buy at least one more pair of these, even though I did just buy a few fun and more colorful styles. You just can’t beat pure practicality and a perfect, comfortable fit.



These are an adorable little pair I tried on first, and knew right away I had to have. They have a comfortable fit, and the white mesh-like detailing on the legs is really cute! These also make my bum look great. I will most likely be wearing these mostly for yoga, so as to avoid yellowing the white part from sweat as much as possible.


Black Leggings, Anything But Basic

20180305_120500 (1)

These may be black leggings but they are anything but basic. These are soft and comfy to wear, and have a cool triple-whammy of designs: faux leather, mesh, and a ridge pattern. I loved the way these looked and thought they were so my style. My only negative note on these is that they are too big! Just barely, but yes, the fit is a bit loose on me. They aren’t skin-tight on the legs like leggings are generally supposed to be, and the waist is already slouching down a bit. I imagine in 5-10 lbs from now, I will have definitely shrunken out of these. The up-side is that these were only about $15, and I can always go back and get the next size down once these are too large for me.


Sweetheart Leggings


These leggings are as pretty as can be. The design is unique and whimsical and I love the color theme with it, white and pale pink and a few shades of grey. Of course, what I absolutely love is the design at the bottom of the legs–white mesh with white twisted fabric straps. It’s so unique and pretty and cool all at once. I’ve only worn these to the gym once and I’ve already been complimented on them.

These fit very well, very snugly, and the material is surprisingly soft and thick. I don’t worry about these tearing or getting stained or ripped because they are very good quality, but still easily washable. These kept me warm, too, because as I said they are quite thick. I really like these all around!


Trendy Nude Leggings


These leggings are sexy af. They are trendy and totally hot and I look amazing in them, if I do say so myself. They are almost scandalously similar to skin tone, and definitely skin-tight. They fit perfect and seem to be made of a thick, quality material. I’ve spoken before about this nudish-mauve color being trendy and popular nowadays, in active wear, no less! I had to finally pick up a pair that fit that criteria for myself. I can’t wait to wear these with that pink shirt up top, or the black tank top, or really anything!


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Cool & Sporty


And finally, we have this last pair of leggings. These are sporty-chic with a streamlined design and simple grey color palette. The light grey mesh at the bottom is especially athletic and reminds me heavily of my middle school basketball days. I like these, they fit great and seem perfect for getting really down and dirty in a good sweat sesh.

And yes, while photographing all these items, I did become painfully aware of just how much grey was in this purchase. I kinda wish I had went with more color but I guess I’ll just be sure to pick more colorful options next time. For now, I’m happy with all of this, grey and all!


So what do you guys think of my fitness gear and clothing haul? Is there some cute and cool stuff in here or what? This haul is definitely motivating me to hit the gym harder than ever before–even if only to wear these outfits more often. And that fanny pack, though. And the awesome water bottle. And, and, and… I just love it all so far! Anyways, I better scoot off. Lemme know what you think in the comments below, as always, I’d love to hear from you!

-Helene sig flowers

♥All images belong to me♥

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