Under $20 Family Dollar Lifestyle Mini-Haul


Family Dollar Mini-Haul: Lifestyle Essentials for Under $20


Hi, lovelies~

I’m here today with a fun little lifestyle post: an under $20 mini-haul I copped at Family Dollar on Wednesday. No, I did not specifically go there for unnecessary bullshit for myself. I went there because I had just come from a Dollar Tree where they had neither the toilet paper nor the deodorant selections that I needed to purchase. Come to think of it, they didn’t have the body wash I needed, either, nor did they have my second or third options. I did spot that they actually carried some face masks that I’ve used before and have only previously gotten at T.J. Maxx before! So that’s good to know, I can go there to get those face masks, and for only a dollar, who knew?

Anyways, I should’ve known this Dollar Tree wouldn’t have all the items I needed, but I decided to stop there anyways because it was right next to the animal hospital where I was going to pick up my cat Ned’s prescription food, (which both cats, Gabby as well as Ned, eat, because it’s just easier to feed them the same food plus it’s supposed to be weight management food, so), and I figured, why not go to this Dollar Tree for the first time and see if they had my items.




Well I already mentioned they did not. So I took a drive to a different, more reliable store, one that I knew would have what I needed. It was closer to home but still a turn or two out-of-the-way, and it is a little store known as Family Dollar. Purveyor of cheap goods as well as many name brands, I can’t even count on my fingers how many quick Family Dollar runs I’ve made over the years since I’ve been able to drive a car by myself. I’ve gone there for everything from last-minute food items to add to dinner, pet stuff, Christmas things, and, most recently, lifestyle items.

I’ve gone to Family Dollar for beauty and hygiene before. They sell tampons and panty liners and Dove soap and Pond’s face cream, so of course I’ve gone there for quick, cheap-but-still-good-quality essentials. I can’t say I’ve ever gone to Family Dollar for a lifestyle haul, though. Well, that is up until a couple of days ago. So without further ado, or further paragraphs of my inebriated ramblings, let’s go over the mini-haul I grabbed at Family Dollar, all for less than $20! It was $18, actually.




On the way in, I had to grab some feminine hygiene items and the aisle adjacent to these contained clothing. Now I’ll admit, I’m not usually one to cop my usual fashion at Family Dollar, or any dollar store, really. Not to say that I’m a snob. I’m no stranger to cheap clothing or fast fashion or thrifted trends. It’s just that, over the years, I’ve tried to be more of a minimalist. This means only buying an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry or an accessory when I really want or need it. I need to really like it, and not just buy it in every color because it’s on sale and I clearly need one for Monday-Fri, (no, really, I don’t). It means buying the thing because I love it and I’d wear it often, and maybe buying it in both black and white because I can’t decide and I’m sure I’ll wear each equally so it’s a compromise, (another secret key to a happy life).

My point is, I’m not against getting clothes at Family Dollar or Wal-Mart or what have you, but usually the quality, versatility, and the uniqueness factor (something I personally look for) are not always to be found at such places. Therefore, I usually reserve most of my clothing shopping for the aforementioned retailers like T.J. Maxx and thrift stores, or online.




But that isn’t to say that all worthy fashion finds have to be unique. There is much to be said for the value of staple items. These are your little black dresses, your interview clothes, your favorite pair of comfy-cute jeans, your black tee, your white tee–ahh, yes. As soon as I saw simple, pristine, plain white tees hanging in neat rows with bold white $5 graphics screaming at me from their black price tags I knew, I remembered… I don’t own a single damn plain white tee. How not?

I actually had to pee really badly during this deliberation and me staring at the white tee, (as I mentioned earlier, this was not my first stop on the errand list that day), so after inquiring if there was a customer bathroom available with the polite and cheery associate girl at the counter, and using said restroom for peeing and hot selfie-taking, I marched right back to the clothing aisle and purchased the first item on my list!



Classic White Just be… Tee – $5

As I stated above, I couldn’t really believe for a second that I didn’t own a plain white tee, I mean, I really had to rack my brain to remember if I truly owned one or not.

Well one simply must own a plain white tee, or several, perhaps of varying styles, as they are, as I said, a staple. It is summer after all and that is the time for wearing white. I love the way my dark hair and summer tan pop in white clothes, and I’m thinking soon, in 5-10 lbs or so, I’ll be able to fit into my (way too small to be a large) pair of white shorts again. I am definitely one who keeps smaller clothes during fatter periods in my life in hopes of being able to fit into them again, I know the magazines say you shouldn’t do that, but as I mentioned above, I own quite a few one-of-a-kind or at least very hard to find pieces, and nothing could make me get rid of them, not even gaining a few extra pounds, especially not when I intend on losing those pounds anyway.

I tried my luck on a medium size shirt, because I’ve been feeling my weight loss goals lately and my confidence has been spurred by my recent ability to fit into a bunch of old clothes from a few years ago and my ability to wear crop tops with confidence in public. As long as I’m not going out for Mexican food, anyways. That’ll be 5-months-pregnant territory, real fast.






I tried this Just Be… shirt on very shortly after returning home and to my dismay, I found that I probably could have stood to select a large size, after all. Now that isn’t to say that I don’t fit. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself rather thick in the upper arms and broad in the shoulder area. It has made me not fond of wearing off-the-shoulder garments over the years, even when I was 115 lbs, and, while it may merely be a silly point of self-consciousness, I think a lot of shirts are too tight on me in the shoulders and upper arm areas.

This shirt is no exception. It really isn’t that tight in the tummy, which is my usual point of contention in too-tight clothing. I like the way the shirt is cut and I think it sits well on my frame. It is quite flattering and will be cool in the summer months.






Unfortunately, and most likely because it is made cheaply, it is quite thin and see-through. I definitely have to wear a bra while wearing this, (always unfortunate), and a nude one, at that. I don’t even think the red bra trick will work under this thin white shirt but I don’t currently own a bright red bra to try it out.

I’m actually glad I didn’t buy a large size shirt, and I ultimately decided after a few moments of internal debate that I wouldn’t go exchange it for a large size, even though I asked the sweet associate girl and she said I could. I know I still have at least 20 lbs to go in my weight loss, and, as most of my old “skinny girl” clothes that are still packed up (some of which I’ve started unboxing recently) are medium sized, I’m going to go ahead and stick with medium sized purchases, including this shirt.

Anyways, I’ll have to post pictures of myself actually wearing it, perhaps in an outfit post or something. Did someone mention “shorts” earlier? Speaking of outfits…



Summery Blue-and-White Striped Just be… Shorts w Orange Tassles – $8

I’m very excited about these shorts. Who gets excited about shorts, anyways? I guess you might, if you copped shorts as cute as these. First let me start by saying that these fit perfectly. They, too, are medium size, and a bit large on me, even. They are thin as well, but not in an overly cheap way. Neither is the shirt, in case I insinuated that above.

Anyways, these shorts feel airy and light and perfect for summer. They will be cool, in both meanings of the word, and I know I have a few shirts that will match with them perfectly, so they will be worth it. At only $8, they do seem worth it. After all, can you believe I only have 2 pairs of shorts (not counting athletic shorts, I mean jean shorts, really) that I currently fit into?! I’m still working on that white pair. Until then, this pair will help give me some more variety and clothing options during these next few months when it’s too hot to wear pant legs.

I was initially attracted to the bright orange tassles on these babies. You guys may have noticed that I sometimes dig a touch of neon here and there. I used to staunchly not like neon colors, some years ago, until I realized how fetching it looked as an accent on black and, later, on other colors and by itself, as well. I’ve recently come to incorporate quite a few bits of neon into my wardrobe, not just in accent-form, and these adorable summery shorts are a welcome addition. I also like the blue-and-white Navy vibez coloring of the shorts, as well as the narrow, vertical stripes. I think they will help make my pins look longer, and of course more tan. Outfit pics to come.



Orange-Scented Neon Orange NuColor Nail Polish – $2

Beginning to move out of fashion territory and more into beauty territory, the next item on my list is an interesting little find, and cost me only $2. I stumbled across Family Dollar’s clearance section by accident while perusing the body wash aisle and looking for the deodorant shelves. I saw little colorful jars of nail lacquer scattered on the shelf beneath the loud red-and-yellow “Clearance!” sign, and it gave me pause. With my hands already full from my clothes, the essentials I originally came for, and a 40-pack of toilet tissue (at $8, what a steal), I began shifting my previous selections to one hand so I could use the others to regard the different marked-down nail polishes, carefully turning them over in my hands and deliberating. After all, I had been saying how I needed to clear out my old nail polishes, dump empties and give away colors I won’t wear again, and I’m always looking for pretty replacements that I know I’ll choose again and again.

After deciding for a few minutes between a hot pink to be a possible dupe for a current fave of mine that is running out, and a deep golden-yellow color that claimed to be scented and called itself “Mango”, (I immediately wanted a smoothie, as well as to crack the polish open and take a whiff, I did neither), I ultimately spotted a bright orange bottle and chose it over all the others. After all, I knew I needed a bright orange, I had been wanting one for summer and I had no luck at any grocery stores and here was one, in my hand, for the low price of a couple bucks. This was the same brand, NuColor, as the scented “Mango” polish, and this “Orange” one claimed to be orange-scented. I knew I had to try it.



If you go on my Instagram and go under the “Lifestyle” Highlight reel, skip through to recently until you find sideways videos of me in jean shorts and a grey crop top, like I am pictured above. It’s about 6-8 videos (I forget how many, might be more) of 15 seconds in length, a quick first impressions 5-minute review that I tend to do on Instagram stories from time to time. I painted a nail with this polish and I found a single coat highly satisfactory in opacity, color, shine, dry time, (remarkably fast–10 mins and dry enough to rub without smudging!) and, yes, orange smell. The scent was reminiscent of the fruity scented markers of middle school fame. Ah, the 90s kid nostalgia.

Earlier today, I gave myself a full manicure with this new nail polish, including base coat, two coats of this NuColor Orange polish, all topped off with a fast drying top coat. The color is true and the orange scent lasts for a few hours, which is more than can be expected from covering the tips of working hands. There was a bit of pulling, and I’m not entirely happy with the coverage from two coats, as it still showed a bit of my white nail line underneath, particularly because it is too thick to risk a third coat for coverage but sacrifice dry time and a lumpy, chipped finish.

All things considered, what more can be expected from a $2 nail polish? Especially when my two usual favorites, besides my go-to $1.99 drug store favorite NYC New York Color, are OPI and Essie, which both retail at $10 a bottle. That’s pricey stuff, as the best tends to be. This nail polish is gorgeous for summer, and the live first impression, I was digging it. Nothing to be scoffed at, here.



Bolero Beverly Hills, 3 Sheet Masks– Pomegranate & Goji Berry Anti-Aging, Avocado & Oatmeal Firming, and Cocoa & Shea Butter Rejuvenating Paper Masks – $1 ea

I’ll try to keep this section short and sweet, because I’ve only actually used one of these paper masks so far.

I spied these Bolero Beverly Hills facial treatments hanging on a cardboard display at the end of an aisle several weeks if not months before finally deciding to purchase these. Part of what spurred my decision to finally buy these was the fact that they were marked down to $1 each, from $2. I figured, hell, I could try all 3 masks for only $3 and that’s 3 whole, separate beauty treatments! As long as they don’t burn my face flesh off or turn my skin green, what do I have to worry about?



I must admit, the brown-and-corresponding-color packaging with the obligatory cute-girl-using-the-face-mask graphic and the pretty, swirly print used together with the typewriter print, and the overall natural vibes of the design intrigued me. It wasnt until I got home that I noticed the packaging had, “Purveyors of natural products. No artificial dyes or parabens. Cruelty free.” printed on it. Score one for more holistic beauty and natural treatments, which I’m always trying to strive for.




Yesterday morning, after using one of my favorite masks, Avocado Oatmeal mask from CVS, I used this Avocado and Oatmeal paper mask, on top of some emerald dust and collagen eyes masks and a rose lip mask. I must say, I wasn’t displeased with how clear and glowing my skin looked afterwards. I love sheet masks, and this one did not disappoint. I’m excited to try the other two, and perhaps write another post reviewing all three paper masks in-depth.

H (1)

Well, that’s it! Wow, for a supposed “mini-haul”, I sure did manage to rack up that word count. Who needs over 2600 words to describe an under $20 mini-haul at Family Dollar, amirite?

Apparently, I do. Well I’m also inebriated and that really sets my writing fingers a-flutterin’ so I can’t say I don’t blame the alcohol and influences, some. At any rate, I’m gonna leave it at this so as to sustain any waning interest you dear readers may have at this point. Are there any items here you might cop yourself, either to wear or to try? Lemme know, talk to you later~

-Helene sig flowers

♥All images belong to me♥



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    • Helene (AngelSpartaness) says:

      I know, I am loving the shorts, ty! I have to go shopping for more white clothes! I have a few, but I need stuff that fits better and to refresh my wardrobe. White is probably my favorite color to wear after black. Both are great year-round, as long as you find the appropriate pieces. Thank you for welcoming me back, darling ❤ I so need to catch up on all your content that I missed. It always was some of my favorite x

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